Welcome to the first “Rencontres Interdisciplinaires autour de l’Optimisation” (RIO) that will take place at the University of Valenciennes on October 18th and 19th, 2012.

Optimization has long been essential for advancement of various industrial, government, and military applications. The optimization involves several interacting disciplines that must be considered simultaneously to obtain efficient algorithms. Multidisciplinary optimization is devoted to solve complex systems involving interacting disciplines.

The goal of RIO 2012 is to bring together researchers from different disciplines which make use of concepts based on optimization, with mathematicians and computer scientists in order to discuss current and future problems. The conference aims to survey theories, numerical methods, computational algorithms, modeling and applications of optimization. It provides researchers and engineers the opportunity to exchange and to collaborate.

RIO covers a wide range of topics in optimization, including:

  • global and combinatorial optimization
  • mixed integer programming
  • stochastic and robust optimization, surrogate model
  • dynamic programming and optimal control
  • heuristics and metaheuristics
  • numerical methods, inverse problem, statistical methods and data mining
  • topological, parametric optimization, composite structure optimization

Relevant application areas include, but are not restricted to transportation, finance, supply chain planning and management, energy, natural resources, scheduling, telecommunications, signal and image processing.

The conferences languages will be french and english. To encourage participation of students and junior researchers, no registration fee is charged but the registration is compulsory.