Appel à contribution pour une session invitée dans MED 2019

Fault-tolerant control for complex nonlinear system is an emerging technology intended to
provide the designer and operator with flexibility, interoperability, sustainment and reliability
under changing operational requirements or mission profiles. Moreover, it is intended to
reconfigure online hardware and software to maintain the operational integrity of the system
in the event of contingencies (fault/failure modes). The fault tolerant control framework relies
on diagnosis and prognostic information knows as Prognostic Health Management (PHM) to
reconfigure system components and preserve the operational integrity of the nonlinear
system. The hierarchical structure starts at the lowest component level and migrates to the
middle system/subsystem level ending with the final mission level. The objectives of PHM is
to lead searchers or industrials to strengthen their capability to anticipate the failures
occurring in the system.
This session aims at presenting the emergence of PHM theme to FTC and the interaction
between these themes.