Ceramaths DMP Maubeuge

Materials and Processes Department (DMP)

The DMP is particularly interested in technical ceramic materials for electrical, electronic, thermomechanical and biomedical applications from their synthesis, elaboration to their characterization. The main research topics concern the development of bone substitutes based on calcium phosphates with controlled macro and microporosity and bio-glasses, new piezoelectric materials with or without lead, solid materials (possibly composite) and coatings for various applications (mechanical, thermomechanical, tribological).

The main strength of CERAMATHS-DMP is the mastery of all the stages of elaboration of ceramic parts from the synthesis of powders to the final material by ensuring the control of the microstructure and the measurement of physical, electrical, mechanical and biological properties.

His activities are divided into two main themes (1&2) and a transverse theme (3):

pièces céramiques imprimées 3D


  • Raw material synthesis (powders, gels and glasses),
  • Microstructure optimization using assisted sintering techniques,
  • Porous and multiphase materials,
  • Specific characterizations.

Main research areas

  • Bioactive ceramics for bone substitutes and functionalization,

  • Piezoelectric ceramics,

  • Hybrid coatings,

  • Ceramization and innovative shaping and/or sintering processes.