The final program can be downloaded here.

Monday October 29

08h00 - 09h45 : Registration

09h45 - 10h30 : MO1 Opening Session

  • Pr. D. Coutellier
    Vice President of the University of Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis
  • Pr. E. Markiewicz
    Director of the LAMIH UMR CNRS 8530
  • Pr. R. Babuska
    IFAC TC 3.2 general chair
  • Pr. T.M. Guerra
    IFAC AFNC’07 general chair


10h30 - 12h30 : MO2 Vehicle Modeling & Control
Chairman : Pr. R.E. Precup, University of Timisoara

  • MO2-1 : “Multi-model based controller for lateral vehicle dynamics: a fuzzy approach”, W. El Messoussi, A. Rabhi, O. Pagès, A. El Hajjaji.
  • MO2-2 : “LQG with fuzzy correction mechanism in tilting railway vehicle control design”, H.Zamzuri, A.C.Zolotas, R.M.Goodall.
  • MO2-3 : “RBF based feedforward feedback control for air-fuel ratio of SI engines”, Y. Zhai, D. Yu.
  • MO2-4 : “Neural networks for controlling and modelling future low temperature combustion technologies”, K. Hoffmann, D. Seebach, S. Pischinger, D. Abel.
  • MO2-5 : “Data-based modelling of nonlinear systems using a modified LOLIMOT  Algorithm”, J. Rezaie, F.  Tourani, B. Moshiri, B.N. Araabi.

12h30 - 14h00 : Lunch

14h00 - 15h00 : MO3 Invited Talk

Pr. Shuzhi Sam GE (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore )
Title: Recent Advances in Adaptive Neural Network Control

Shuzhi Sam ge

Shuzhi Sam Ge, FIEEE, Peng, is Head of Social Robotics Lab of Interactive Digital Media Institute, and the Director of Edutainment Robotics Lab of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the National University of Singapore. He received his PhD degree and DIC from the Imperial College, London, and BSc degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics. He has published a number of books, over 300 scientific journal and international conference papers, given invited talks/plenary speeches, managed/completed a number of projects of impact, and delivered many working systems and prototyping to industry and funding agencies, the inventor of a number of patents. He serves on the Board of Governors (2007 – 2009), Chair of the Technical Committee of Intelligent Control, IEEE Control Systems Society since 2005. He is the Chairman and founding Director of Personal E-Motion Pte Ltd.

15h00 - 16h30 : MO4 Control of Takagi Sugeno Fuzzy Models
Chairman : Pr. A. Sala, Universidad Politecnica Valencia

  • MO4-1 : “K-Samples variation analysis for Discrete-Time Takagi-Sugeno models stabilization: Complexity reduction”, A. Kruszewski, T.M. Guerra, M. Bernal.
  • MO4-2 : “TS fuzzy controllers for cascaded systems”, Zs. Lendek, R. Babuska, B. De Schutter.
  • MO4-3 : “LMI based H∞ controller design for uncertain Takagi-Sugeno descriptors subject to external disturbances”, T. Bouarar, K. Guelton, N. Manamanni.
  • MO4-4 : “Sufficient and asymptotic necessary conditions for the stabilization of Takagi-Sugeno model”, A. Kruszewski, A. Sala, T.M. Guerra, C. Arino.

16h30 - 17h00 : Coffee break

17h00 - 18h30 : MO5 Predictive control
Chairman : Pr. N. Manamanni, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

  • MO5-1 : “Efficient fuzzy predictive algorithms with integrated economic optimization: a case study”, P.M. Marusak.
  • MO5-2 : “State estimation and predictive control using finite Markov chains”, E. Ikonen, K. Najim, U. Kortela.
  • MO5-3 : “Multiple ARX model-based air-fuel ratio predictive control for SI engines”, T. Polóni, B. Rohaľ-Ilkiv, T.A. Johansen.
  • MO5-4 : “Two nonlinear predictive control algorithms based on structured neural models”, M. Lawrynczuk.

18h30 - 19h30 : TC 3.2 meeting

19h00 : late Gala diner

Tuesday October 30

09h00 - 11h00 : TU1 Fuzzy Control and Modeling
Chairman : Pr. M. Dambrine, University of Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis

  • TU1-1 : “Guaranteed cost control for uncertain discrete delay T-S fuzzy system”, R. Wang, T.M. Guerra, A. Kruszewski, J. Pan.
  • TU1-2 : “Sub-optimal output tracking control design for uncertain T-S models”, B. Mansouri, A. Kruszewski, K. Guelton, N. Manamanni.
  • TU1-3 : “A decoupled multiple model approach for state estimation of nonlinear systems subject to delayed  measurements”, R. Orjuela, B. Marx, J. Ragot, D. Maquin.
  • TU1-4 : “Control-oriented modeling of hydrostatic transmissions considering leakage losses”, H. Schulte.
  • TU1-5 : “Implementation of a fuzzy logic control for a silo’s level regulation in stone quarries”, H. Coppier, M. Chadli, S. Bruey, O. Guthmann, P. Delesalle.
  • TU1-6 : “Probabilistic clustering algorithms for fuzzy rules decomposition”, P. Salgado, G. Igrejas.

11h00 - 11h30 : Coffee break

11h30 - 12h30 : TU2 Invited Talk

Dr. Antonio SALA (Systems and Control Engineering Department, Universidad Politecnica Valencia, Spain)
Title: Reducing the gap between fuzzy and nonlinear control

Dr. Antonio SALA

Antonio Sala was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1968. He was awarded the 2nd Spanish national prize for university graduation in 1993. He received a Ph.D. in Control Engineering in 1998 from Valencia Technical University, Spain.

He is currently professor at the Systems and Control Engineering Department in Valencia Tech. Univ.. He is author of the book "Multivariable Process Control" (Springer), more than 20 journal papers and 80 conference ones. He is member of IEEE and IFAC.

12h30 - 14h00 : Lunch

14h00 - 15h30 : TU3 Learning and neural control
Chairman : Pr. S.S. Ge, National University of Singapore

  • TU3-1 : “Indirect iterative learning control of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems”, J.Y. Dieulot, P. Borne.
  • TU3-2 : “PI-fuzzy controller design based on an optimization approach”, R.E. Precup, S. Preitl, E.M. Petriu.
  • TU3-3 : “Inversion of a semi-physical dispersion model”, L. Bourgois, G. Roussel, M. Benjelloun.
  • TU3-4 : “Application of neural networks to virtual reference feedback tuning controller design”, A. Esparza, A. Sala.

15h30 - 16h00 : Coffee break

16h00 - 18h00 : TU4 Adaptive control
Chairman : Pr. E. Ikonen, University of Oulu

  • TU4-1 : “Adaptive fuzzy backlash compensation for a new dynamic flight simulator”, Z. Amara, J. Bordeneuve-Guibe.
  • TU4-2 : “Adaptive variable structure fuzzy wavelet network based controller for nonlinear systems”, A. Hussain, N. Essounbouli, A. Hamzaoui.
  • TU4-3 : “Adaptive NN control for a class of non-affine nonlinear systems with unknown control gain”, B. Ren, S.S. Ge, T.H. Lee.
  • TU4-4 : “Direct adaptive fuzzy control of a class of nonlinear systems with input saturation”, S. Labiod, T.M. Guerra.
  • TU4-5 : “Adaptive neuro-fuzzy control design for two cooperating robot manipulators handling a flexible beam”, A. Ashayeri, M. Eghtesad, A. Khebreh.

18h00 : Closing session