Workshop topics

Meeting Scope and Objective
Fuzzy logic and neural networks are still topics of importance in various fields. They have taken their place among the family of computational intelligence methods both from theory and application points of view. After a huge period of theoretical developments, applications have been growing in a significant way. The workshop brings together experts and practioners from the major soft computing themes and from control systems, signal processing, optimization ...
It discusses new developments, ideas and results which allow disseminating knowledge and experience in alternative methods and approaches in using fuzzy logic and neural networks in control.

Meeting Topics
All aspects of knowledge-based, fuzzy and neural systems relevant to control including modeling, identification, stability analysis, design, learning, adaptation, evaluation, implementation, optimization of structure and parameters by means of genetic algorithms, definition of performance objectives and operation constraints, as well as awareness for computational issues and computer-aided design tools. Applications to various areas such as robotics, automotive, mechatronics systems, biomedical engineering, industrial processes ... are welcomed.