Abstracts and posters


Abstract Template (PDF)

Who can submit an abstract?

Abstracts of research results from French or Indonesian laboratories or from Franco-Indonesian collaborations are welcome for the event. The authors of these abstracts can be of multiple profiles (students, researchers, ...) and come from various sectors (academic, industrial, governmental, educational).

Information for Abstract

Submitted abstracts will be published online in advance of the event. If there are sufficient abstracts, publication in paper format will be considered. Please note that unlike scientific papers, abstracts are not reviewed by the scientific community. However, they can be cited.

Form for Abstract

The abstract must be sent by e-mail to jwg2022 [at] uphf.fr , in PDF format (file size less than 1MB), before the deadline and must not promote a commercial product or service.

The layout must be respected. The organisers will not make any corrections to the abstract. The abstract must not exceed 1 page and must be in Calibri font, size 11. The title of the abstract must not exceed 200 characters (including spaces), and the body of the abstract is limited to 2500 characters (including spaces). There is no character limit for authors and their affiliations.

In the abstract header, the field must be specified as follows:

  1. Marine and maritime science, ecology, environmental science;
  2. Biology, health and medicine;
  3. Food Security and Agriculture
  4. Engineering, mechanics, aeronautics and energy (renewable and alternative energy);
  5. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT);
  6. Social sciences and humanities;
  7. Tourism.

Instructions for Posters

For this international event, the poster must be written in English. The poster should not exceed A0 size corresponding to 84 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).

The poster must be sent by e-mail to jwg2022 [at] uphf.fr , in PDF format (file size less than 2Mb).

Prior to the conference, the authors of the poster are in charge of bringing it to the appropriate stand and of collecting it at the end of the event.

The list of posters will be uploaded on our website.