COMNUM : Digital Communication

The COMNUM group's specificities focus on mastering signal processing techniques implemented at the physical layer and at the receiver level in digital communications systems.

An end-to-end approach

In an "end-to-end" approach, the COMNUM group brings its expertise in the development of innovative telecommunications systems, proposing solutions to adapt to the characteristics of the propagation channel, or to improve the performance/complexity trade-off of the circuits or systems produced. Particular attention is paid to the optimization of multimedia digital transmissions (still images and video).


Research activities

Research activities are centered around digital and radiofrequency communications: application areas mainly concern security in transportation, multimedia transmissions, multi-cellular networks as well as radio-optical communications over fiber.

Training through research

The members of the COMNUM group are strongly involved in the teaching related to ICST within INSA Hauts-de-France and coordinate in particular the Masters in Communications Systems Engineering (ISC) and Audiovisual and Multimedia course Engineering of Image and Sound Systems (ISIS).

Research themes

The research activities of the COMNUM group fall under the Information Sciences and Technologies, they rely on a system approach to offer original solutions to optimize the performance of telecommunications systems. The studies carried out generally give rise to experimental validation as well as to the implementation of demonstrators.

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