FUMAP Functional Material Platform

FUMAP technical platform:

Responsible : Denis Remiens Engineer

Karim Dogheche


Synthesis new functional materials: from thin layers to nano wires 1. Functional materials for microelectronics and MEMS.

2. Mechanical coating (hard material, resistance under severe environment, corrosive resistance, durability, hydrodynamic performance of surfaces).


  1. Physicochemicals
  2. Electrical and optical

Sensor, transducer (HF), and actuator design and manufacturing

  Vibrational energy harvesting, energy storage system


  • with IEMN: AIMAN, MITEC, Opto groups

  • other labs: UMET, UCCS, C2N, CEA-LETI

  • international: SICCAS (Shanghai), El Jadida (Morocco)