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Junior Professor Chair Hybrid System of Cyber Security Dedicated to Intelligent Transportation (SHILD)

As part of the "Hybrid Cyber Security System Dedicated to Intelligent Transportation (SHILD)" call for proposals, the Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University (UPHF) is recruiting a Junior Professor Chair.

High frequency diffuse acoustic field correlation for defect detection in substrate layers


Identification of noise sources for passive health monitoring of structures




Post-Doc with experience in oxide thin films for acoustic applications

Send your application to Giacomo Benvenuti, CTO via e-mail (@email),
Denis Remiens (@email), Julien Carlier (@email), Professors at UPHF, enclosing your CV, copies of your diplomas, a cover letter and possibly 3 letters of support from your previous supervisors.

Development of SAW ultrasonic sensors based on piezoelectric glass-ceramic substrates for pressure and humidity measurements at high temperatures

Low-resource structural health monitoring based on desynchronized ultrasonic sensor networks


Multi-layer error correction in real-time video streams applied to intelligent transportation systems


Approach based on the parallelism between prognostic biomarkers and the concept of physiological μ-vibration to treatment decisions in breast cancer


  • Nassar Georges
  • Eva Forssell Aronsson


  • Tatiana Borisova

Characterization of the adhesion of coatings and their defects by surface and guided waves generated and detected by laser sources


  • Mohammadi Ouaftouh 
  • Frédéric Jenot

Interreg 2 Seas - SOCORRO



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Dr. Lynda Chehami
IEMN - Valenciennes site, TPIA Group
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Tel: +33(0)3 27 51 11 87

Please note

An applicant may apply to multiple topics.
Send CV + cover letter + results from the last 5 years + letters of appreciation to the thesis supervisor of the proposed topic + copy to the laboratory director at @email
Caution: not all topics are guaranteed funding