Droit, Administration publique

Academic Unit Law, Public Administration

The Law, Public Administration (DAP) academic unit is a component of the Societies and Humanities Institute (ISH) training offer.

Legal training for over 40 years

Legal training was inaugurated in 1979 with the opening of the capacity in Law and the DEUG of Law.

Within the Institute of Societies and Humanities, the law student has the choice between the traditional bachelor's/master's degree cycle and shorter, professionalized, work-study studies (DEUST Legal Assistant and professional license Legal Practice of the Company ). A Law-Languages degree course, which exists only at UPHF, is also offered and is the subject of very complimentary comments from the HCERES.

The remediation system involving individualized follow-up of each student also remains a real asset.

With regard to the master's programs, four programs are alternating: the master's degree in Public Contracts Law, the master's degree in Real Estate Law, and the master's degree in Business Law with a focus on Transportation Law, as well as the master's degree in Business Law with a focus on Social Law. Work-study is possible from the first year of the master's program.

Another significant course, the master's degree in Justice, Trial, and Procedure, Justice and Mediation pathway, allows students to prepare for the entrance exam to the School of Lawyers (for which UPHF is an examination center), in support of the training offered by the ISH Institute of Judicial Studies.

A law clinic

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration has been offering a Law Clinic to its Bachelor 3 and Master 2 students since the start of the 2021 academic year.

It allows students to learn the law through practical situations thanks to the study of real cases, supervised by teacher-researchers and legal professionals.

Training courses to prepare for public service competitions

The ISH offers training in Public Administration intended mainly to prepare for civil service competitions, whether at the bachelor's or master's level, training that can be taken in alternating years. Students who would not have a level of license 2 can consider a diploma of general administration.

Preparatory classes and a "Talent Prep" class

Preparatory classes for major competitive examinations are also offered. It should be noted that all of these courses are offered as initial training or alternating courses. The quality of the Public Administration training courses at the Societies and Humanities Institute has been recognized since our Faculty of Law and Public Administration has been chosen to host three "Talent Prep" classes (general administration stream in partnership with the Lille IRA, Justice-Security stream and Public Finance stream) intended to offer excellence support towards the competitive examinations of the senior civil service to master's students.

Vidéo de présentation de l'unité académique Droit, Administration publique (DAP)

Par Nicolas Leblond, directeur de l'UA.


Unité académique Droit, Administration publique (DAP)

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