Exhibition spaces

The Institute of Societies and Humanities has implemented a genuine policy of cultural valorization that it deploys within the buildings hosting its training courses.

A gallery in the Matisse building

Culture is an integral part of humanities education.
Since 2020, ISH has implemented a cultural enhancement strategy that began with the creation of an exhibition space within the Matisse building and soberly named The Gallery.
Located on the first floor, in the extension of the footbridge, what was once a simple corridor between two lecture halls now houses works of all types and all horizons : student creations in the context of educational projects, paintings, photographs or lithographs by artists, etc.

In 2021, the Gallery hosted remarkable works such as the one from the exhibition Wild Animals of the Middle Ages, the result of a research work initiated by Emmanuele Arioli, Movies With Toys, a photographic work by Alex Dinaut dedicated to cinema, or more recently Students at Work in Times of Containment, an exhibition of student works made during the first containment, at the beginning of the health crisis.

An exhibition space on the Tertiales campus

The deployment of this cultural enhancement policy will continue with the creation of an exhibition space within the Tertiales building during 2022.


If you wish to promote the work of an artist, or aspire yourself to present some of your works (paintings, photographs, etc...) in a real exhibition, do not hesitate to contact us!

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