La droite chrétienne américaine - Mokhtar Ben Barka
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The American Christian Right


The second half of the 1970s marked the return of evangelical Protestants to the partisan political arena in a big way. This strong mobilization was accompanied by the establishment by conservative religious leaders of a vast network of political-religious lobbies, called the " Christian Right " (Christian Right). Having acquired, over the decades, considerable weight and influence, the Christian Right is today an unavoidable electoral force. As such, it deserves to be taken seriously, both politically and intellectually.

In the 2016 presidential election, the Christian Right distinguished itself by supporting Donald Trump, the least religious Republican candidate in recent memory. 

To understand the Christian Right in its entirety-its historical origins, its theological foundations, the profile of its followers, the content of its agenda, its modus operandi, the complexity of its relationships with successive presidents over the past forty years-a detailed and objective analysis is required. This is the objective of this book.

La droite chrétienne américaine - Mokhtar Ben Barka

Moktar Ben Barka is a professor of U.S. history and civilization at the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (Valenciennes) and a member of the LARSH research group. A specialist in religion in the United States, he is the author of four books as well as numerous articles and book chapters on the Christian Right, evangelical Protestantism, fundamentalism, and the evangelical left.