Brexit, Droits, Libertés
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"Brexit, Rights and Freedoms"

Publication of Vanessa Barbé's book by Larcier with the support of LARSH, following the colloquium of May 2021

The Brexit is a political and legal earthquake with multiple consequences, particularly on the rights and freedoms of individuals (British and European). From then on, the objective of this book is to identify the rights and freedoms called into question as well as to apprehend the potential and proven disruptions affecting their protection.

The impact of the Brexit on rights and freedoms of European origin is obvious, and several categories of them can be identified: those that are destined to disappear altogether, those that could be maintained because they are protected by other sources, and those whose future is uncertain, but which could be preserved by virtue of a "ratchet effect" or principle of non-regression of rights.

Beyond the rights and freedoms of European origin, British rights and freedoms are also affected. The Brexit is thus a new opportunity to call into question the Human Rights Act, the law transposing the European Convention on Human Rights into British law. Moreover, the political rights of Britons are at the heart of the exit process, as are the rights of individuals in Scotland or Northern Ireland, which could be disrupted if the relationship between these regions and the rest of the Kingdom is altered.