Projet ANR EnDansant

ANR EnDansant project

The ENDANSANT project proposes to interrogate the construction of the profession of dance teacher, the conditions and places of its exercise between the seventeenth century and the twenty-first century in France. Based on sources of diverse natures (manuscript, iconographic, printed, oral), private or public, and from the conflicts and moments of tension opposing the teachers to the various authorities that govern them, the study will seek to identify this socio-professional category, to define the legal frameworks of their activity and the conditions of its exercise.

For a history of teachers∙es in dance

The history of dance has focused on the history of performances, whose great figures are choreographers and professional dancers, omitting essential actors, namely teachers∙es. Yet they are present∙es in all strata of society, with a role of great importance: they shape bodies and minds, animate balls that scandalize social life. The singularity of their action and their status are manifested in the tensions at the heart of which they regularly find themselves.

The EnDansant project lays out the milestones of their history, focusing first on the regulatory framework and the conditions in which their activities take place, and attempting to relate this social, regulatory, and administrative history to their aesthetic and pedagogical practices.

The ANR EnDansant project is made possible through privileged collaborations with three institutions:

  • the National Archives
  • the Bibliothèque nationale de France
  • the National Dance Center

This project, funded by the ANR (2021-2025), is led by Emmanuelle Delattre-Destemberg (coordinator), Marie Glon and Guillaume Sintès.

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