Death Garin the Loherain

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La Mort Garin le Loherain de Jean-Charles HERBIN à la librairie DROZ

The content of most manuscripts of Garin le Loherain's song, even with occasional deviations, falls within the scope of what critics of the past century have quite rightly called a " vulgate " Among the witnesses offering an autonomous redaction of a passage sufficiently extensive to hold our attention, we have chosen to publish here I (Dijon 528) and N (Arsenal 3143), which propose a significant reworking of the end of Garin's poem. Such a redaction illustrates the changing character of a major text, whose lively epic spirit was still likely to appeal at the end of the thirteenth or the beginning of the fourteenth century. A rich glossary as well as an index complete the edition.

Video "La Mort Garin le Loherain", edited by Jean-Charles Herbin and Cécile Constance