Theses in progress

Manel Daly
Thesis title: The employer in labor law
. Thesis director: Julien Icard

Lemissa Michel Dosso
Thesis title: Amicable collection

Koffi Noudjo
Thesis director: Magali Jaouen

Agathe Voillemet
Thesis title: The rights and duties of the patient in the circulation of his or her data outside the health care institution
Thesis director: Julien Icard

Shehabuldin Aquil Abuijnoub
Thesis title: The Constitutional Transition of Post-Gaddafi Libya and the Role of the European Union - Thesis Director: Vanessa Barbé

Karim Aliche 
Thesis title: The legal regime of the public debt of local public administrations
. Thesis director : Vanessa Barbé

Fareen Altaf  
Thesis title : The financing of the general interest and the law of the European Union
. Thesis director : Stéphane de la Rosa

Julie Cardon 
Thesis title : The third party in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights
. Thesis director : Saïda El Boudouhi

Marie Casanova  
Thesis title : Intercommunal relations in rural areas tested by French and European Union Law: the case of the Pays Solesmois community of municipalities
Thesis director : Didier Lhomme


Giovanni Chiaradia  
Thesis title : The abnormal user and the constrained user of public service
. Thesis director: Marie-Christine Rouault

Mamadou Diallo
Thesis title : The occupation of the public domain and free competition
Thesis director : Didier Lhomme

El Moctar Moud Mohamed
Thesis title: The international protection of foreign investments in energy in the twentieth century: between change and continuity 
Thesis director: Saïda El Boudouhi

Chiara Mineo  
Thesis title: International railway cooperation
. Thesis director: Saïda El Boudouhi

Manuella Pinelli
Thesis title: The regulation of Islam in France: from the public vision to the norm
. Thesis director:  Vanessa Barbé

Amélie Sauvage
Thesis title: The law of sovereign debt financing: a comparative approach between the European Union and the United States
. Thesis director: Vanessa Barbé

Luc Renaud
Thesis title: Mobility and sustainable cities: intergenerational dynamics, heterogeneities and risks
. Thesis director: Stéphane Lambrecht

Mohammad Al Herbawi  
Thesis title: How SMEs' in the west bank and Gaza strip are affected by the administrational requirements, local government strategies, policies and regulations
Thesis supervisor: Octave Jokung


Chaymae Benachour
Thesis title: The role of corporate governance in strategic decisions related to innovations: a dynamic capabilities approach
Thesis director:  Gulsun ALTINTAS

Yousra El Biyad
Thesis title: White collar crime: what auditors miss
. Thesis Director: Octave Jokung

Youssef Khanfir
Thesis title: The participation arrangements of the civil society in the territorial collaborative governance: expertises and capacities of action (comparative analysis Franc/Tunisia)
Thesis director: Isabelle Kustosz

Mahfoud Moussaid
Thesis title: The impact assessment of the integrated program of support and financing of enterprises on the development of entrepreneurship in the Fez Meknes Region in Morocco
Thesis director: Isabelle Kustosz

Sébastien Schepens 
Thesis title: An intellectual capital approach to the relationship between board performance and financial performance
Thesis director: Jérôme Maati

Maria Del Rosario CASAS COELHO
. Thesis title: Transculturality in the literary work of Colum McCann
. Thesis director: Stéphanie SCHWERTER / Maria BARROS

Brigitte Curtaz
Thesis title: Mainstream comics from the United States to France. A contribution to global history
. Thesis Director: Mokhtar Ben Barka

Dissertation title: Migrant literature and translation in the British literary space from the late 20th to the early 21st century: the examples of Monica Ali, Zadie Smith, Hanif Kureishi, Timothy Mo and Andrea Levy
Thesis director: Stéphanie SCHWERTER


Jérémy Elmerich
Thesis title: The Lily and the Thistle in the face of Unionist discourse: or the convocation of rival imaginaries by the Parti Québécois and the Scottish National Party
Thesis director: Edwige Camp

Nelly Gérard
Thesis title: Interpretations of British-Scottish intergovernmental relations in Scottish discourse and corresponding political projects: a diachronic and critical analysis
Thesis director: Edwige Camp

Ahmed Hamza
Thesis title: Curbing migration and encouraging the temptation to return in Tunisia
Thesis director: Mokhtar Ben Barka

Jean-Charles MEUNIER
Thesis title : From the US to France : Bob Dylan and His Translators
Thesis Director: Stéphanie SCHWERTER

Jean-Charles MEUNIER
Thesis title: From the US to France: Bob Dylan and His Translators

Martin Serge Mindjonga
Dissertation title: France-Cameroon diplomatic relations: a political cooperation with a rollercoaster ride or the rise of the United States in diplomatic power (1989-2019)
Thesis Director: Mokhtar Ben Barka


Sara Youssef,
Thesis title:  The intercultural approach in the teaching-learning of a foreign language: analysis of the practices of teaching-learning English and Arabic as foreign languages to different audiences
Thesis director: Mokhtar Ben Barka


Laure Gontier
Thesis title : Medicine, between Sciences and superstitions in the work of Enrique de Villena
Thesis director: Daniel Grégorio

Laëtitia Deudon
Thesis title : Comparative study of the Scheldt Valley, from Cambrai to Tournai (XII-XXth centuries) and the St. Lawrence Valley in the Montreal area (XVII-XXth centuries)
Thesis director: Corinne Beck

Emilie Dupuis
Thesis title: Saint-Aubert: an abbey in the heart of the Cambrian territory, XI-XVIth centuries
Thesis director: Emmanuelle Santinelli

Nathalie Fraquet
Thesis title: Painting in Tournai from the iconoclasts of 1566 to the end of the French regime in 1715
Thesis director: Ludovic Nys

Angéline Nison
Thesis title : Transformation of the urban and rural landscape in the photography of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, from 1839 to 1939
Thesis director: Ludovic Nys

Stéphanie Pirez-Huart
Thesis title: Beyond the Walls. Valenciennes and its flat country at the end of the Middle Ages: territorial dynamics and socio-spatial relations
. Thesis director: Corinne Beck

Arnaud Benedetti
Thesis title: For a political history of communication, from the Enlightenment to today
. Thesis director: Ludovic Laloux

Emilie Bournaud
Thesis title : The French textile industry facing the United States from 1942 to 1962, from the objectives of modernization to the crises of deregulation
Thesis director: Frédéric Attal

Arnaud Caleiras
Thesis title: The principle of Appeal to the People in French political life in the XIX th century
Thesis director: Ludovic Laloux

Olivier Chantriaux
Thesis title: Henry Kissinger, the realism of balance
Thesis Director: Ludovic Laloux

Raphaël Chauvancy
Thesis title: Non-lethal wars: history of contemporary non-kinetic strategies
Thesis director: Ludovic Laloux

Amaury De Barbeyrac
Thesis title: French sovereign debt crisis
. Thesis director: Ludovic Laloux

Thesis title : The contour of clouds : study of a sensitive object in motion

Pierre-Alexis Delhaye
Thesis title : Environmental geohistory of the construction of river territories in Northwest Europe and North America
Thesis director : Frédéric ATTAL / Arnaud HUFTIER

Thesis title: Globalization in the contemporary art exhibition: the stakes and limits of Global Art on the Franco-Parisian scene
Thesis director : Erik VERHAGEN

Olivier François
Thesis title: The Lebel rifle 1886-1935, cultural, economic, military, political and technical approaches to an object of memory
Thesis director: Frédéric Attal

Agathe Giraud
Thesis title: The blue cloth of Croissy: a history of French clothmaking, between traditions and technical innovation, in the mirror of the work of Jean Chanorier, citizen farmer, from the end of the reign of Louis XVI to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution
Thesis director: Ludovic Laloux

Nicola Lamri
Thesis title: The Italian left and the Algerian war, between memory of the Resistance and "invention of decolonization": support networks, intellectual circulations and political identities in mutation (1954-1968)
Thesis director:  Frédéric ATTAL

Carole Lannoy
Thesis title : Maghrebians in the North department from the 1970s to the end of the 1980s : stereotypes, discrimination and integration pathways
Thesis director: Frédéric Attal

Guillaume Leingre
Thesis title: The Stateless Work. Gustav and Mendel Metzger
Thesis director: Erik VERHAGEN

Augustin Naux
Thesis title: Powers, actors and conflicts in the South China Sea, at the heart of a wider confrontation - Thesis director: Ludovic Laloux

Thesis title: George Maciunas: art as a game or the game of art. The change of status of Fluxus games in the light of the professionalization of the Fluxus enterprise.
Thesis director : Erik VERHAGEN

Michelino Pieroni
Thesis title: The Italian Communist Party and the French Communist Party facing the European construction
. Thesis director: Frédéric Attal

Thesis title: Theatrical, performative and initiatory tensions in the work of Gérard Garouste
Thesis director: Erik VERHAGEN

Daouda Sy
Thesis title: The cultural policy of Senegal at the time of Léopold Sédar Senghor
Thesis Director: Frédéric Attal

Marco Tarallo
Thesis title: Elite universities and democratization in the era of the mass university - Italy and France (1968 - 1980) - Thesis director: Frédéric Attal

François Vuillemin
Thesis title: Political and societal fractures across the world: from the disruption of powers to arbitrations and new stabilities
. Thesis director: Frédéric Attal

Enka Blanchard
Thesis title: Spatialities, discrete mathematics and disability
. Thesis director : Jacques Lévy

Marie-Aurélie Durtette
Thesis title: Structuring one's habitat to develop one's autonomy
. Thesis director: Jacques Lévy

Stéphane Gallardo
Thesis title: Pandemic and globalization
. Thesis director: Jacques Lévy

Ismaël Mrini
Thesis title: Heritage labeling in France, a vector of valorization and territorial development
Thesis director: Marc Galochet

Tanguy Nkoghe Meffet
Thesis title: Forest regeneration in the Cristal Mountains National Park (Gabon)
Thesis director: Marc Galochet

Sandra Olivier
Thesis title: Building oneself inhabiting from sensitive experience to the understanding of the world in elementary school - Thesis director: Jacques Lévy

Sébastien Piantoni
Thesis title: Economic and social development of formerly industrialized territories: towards a consideration of the resources and capacities of territories
. Thesis director: Jacques Lévy

Justine Richelle
Thesis title : Essay of Cartographic Notation for a Reading of Minor Spatialities
. Thesis Director: Jacques Lévy

Martina Vignoli
Thesis title: A European Migratory Privilege? Citizenship, ethnicity, and representations of new Italian migrants in France and Germany
Thesis director: Thomas PFIRSCH

Thesis title:  Information intelligence and decision-making agility, information governance applied to an import-export company
. Thesis director : Michel LABOUR

Thesis title:  Elaboration of a design aid tool for the insertion of multi-benefit nature as a flood risk management element.
Thesis director: Patrizia LAUDATI

Thesis title:  How to design the device in order to optimize the learning and the construction of meaning in students? The case of Prélude. Thesis director: Sylvie LELEU MERVIEL

Thesis title:  Evaluation of the user journey: device innovation and empowerment. The case of children with autism spectrum disorder during the health crisis.
Thesis director : Sylvie LELEU MERVIEL

Thesis title : Identification of the "relational patterns" of visitors in a non-guided visit situation and design of a prototype of a pedagogical mediation device for a personalized visit at the Doudou Museum (Mons, Belgium). 
Thesis director: Daniel SCHMITT


Thesis title : Towards new forms of mediation of conceptual art?
Thesis director : Daniel SCHMITT

Elodie ANDRE
Thesis title :  Strategies of actors around BIM and sustainable development.
Thesis director: Hafida BOULEKBACHE

Douniazed CHIBANE
Thesis title:  Participatory digital tools for social inclusion.
Thesis director: Hafida BOULEKBACHE

Mathieu DUBUIS

Thesis title: Design, development, manufacturing and implementation of innovative audiovisual devices for the mediation of the intangible mining heritage of the Arenberg site .
Thesis director : Sylvie LELEU MERVIEL


Thesis title: Engaging experience of digital cultural mediation: the narrative potential of editorialization. The case of the figure of the peasant in Costa Rican society."
Thesis director: Clarisse BARDIOT

Wilfried ABLEDJI
Thesis title: Canção Nova: A Laboratory of Infocomm Practices within the Catholic Church?

Thesis title:  Practices of living in the mining basin of Hainaut: daily living versus digital living
Thesis director: Patrizia LAUDATI

Thesis title:  The dialectic appropriation-patrimonialization: Case of the Arab-Islamic habitat present within the historic center of Tunis.
Director of thesis: Hafida BOULEKBACHE


Thesis title:  Communication process for a sustainable urbanism
Thesis director : Hafida BOULEKBACHE

Thesis title :  Communication process for sustainable urbanism

Thesis title: Study of the figure of the recipient in the propagandist videos of radical Islamist movements.
Thesis director: Sylvie LELEU MERVIEL

Thesis title:  the role of digital in the transmission and sustainable preservation of architectural and territorial heritage.
Thesis director : Hafida BOULEKBACHE

Ibrahim FAYAD
Thesis title: Statistical modeling study of bone characteristics of experienced volleyball players
. Thesis director: Antonio PINTI

Thesis title: Effect of the multimedia presentation mode on the comprehension and memorization of game choreographies in team sports
Thesis director: Bachir ZOUDJI

Sabrine TLILI
Thesis title:  The role of visual attention guidance on the understanding of a game system in football .
Thesis director :  Bachir ZOUDJI

Thesis title:  Study of the lexical memory of soccer players through the analysis of visual content: Differential approach.
Thesis director:  Bachir ZOUDJI

Thesis title:  Effects of 12 months of CrossFit training on bone parameters, body composition and quality of life in inactive young men
Thesis Director: Antonio PINTI

Thesis title:  Effects of 12 months of kung fu training on bone health, physical performance and quality of life parameters in inactive young men.
Thesis supervisor: Antonio PINTI

Thesis title:  Effect of imagination on learning tactics in team sports .
Thesis director:  Bachir ZOUDJI

Thesis title:  Video in the service of tactical learning of game in dynamic environments: example of basketball
Thesis director:  Bachir ZOUDJI

Thesis title:  The effect of visuo-spatial abilities on the memorization of information in dynamic environments.
Thesis director:  Bachir ZOUDJI 

Thesis title:  the effect of visual feedback on the memorization of dynamic scenes: the case of tactical game situations in soccer.
Thesis director: Bachir ZOUDJI

Thesis title:  Subordinating conjunctions expressing the purported cause and the reneging of the cause
Thesis director : Véronique LAGAE

Akouvi Woyram AKAKPO
. Thesis title : The declensions of the letter in francophone literatures
. Thesis Director: Arnaud HUFTIER

Sophie ANGOT
Thesis title : Between sirens and silenes? : faces of hermeneutics in the crossed exchanges between music and poetry (Baudelaire, Verlaine, Mallarmé, Debussy, Ravel)
Thesis director : Vincent VIVES

Thesis title : Pink Floyd in French echoes: translations and resonances
Thesis director : Stéphane HIRSCHI

Thesis title : Praise and blame of medicine in the Renaissance
. Thesis director: Blandine PERONA / Dominique BRANCHER

Thesis title :   The Consummation of the concept - aesthetics of the poetic and visual formlessness in the XXth-XXIst c.
Thesis director: Vincent VIVES

Primaël DESPAX
Thesis title :    Peoples and songs
Thesis director : Stéphane HIRSCHI

Lars Thorben HENK
Thesis title : Emile Zola's hosts. The economy of hospitality in the cycle of novels "Les Rougon-Macquart"
Thesis Director: Stéphanie SCHWERTER / Gregor SCHUHEN


Juliette HUBERT
Thesis title :   Aesthetics of rupture as commitment, from the body to lyricism in RAP and URBAN POP since the 2000s
Thesis director: Stéphane HIRSCHI / Serge LACASSE


Thesis title :    Variations around Cassandra - from tale to tragedy
Thesis director : Stéphane HIRSCHI

Thesis title : Narrative structures of the concept albums of the years 1970-1980
Thesis Director: Stéphane HIRSCHI

Thesis title : Christophe Tarkos: the necessary relationships. Biographical experiences, patterns of
thought, writing schemes.
Thesis Director: Vincent VIVES

Thesis title : The tragic narrative of Medea: woman and foreigner facing the Nostos
. Thesis director : Stéphane HIRSCHI

Thesis title :   For a theory of the relations between rhetoric and Hypnosis
Thesis Director: Carine BARBAFIERI

Marie Louise QUESADA
Thesis title : From "naivety" to "brutification" in the works of Nancy Huston, Nathalie Quintane and Monique Wittig: crudity and sabotage
Thesis Director: Vincent VIVES

Thesis title : Poetics of the margins in the work of Alain Damasio
Thesis director: Vincent VIVES / Thomas BAREGE

Juan Miguel DOTHAS
Thesis title :   Translation as (im) possibility in the production of meaning. The Spanish translations of Faire l'amour, Fuir and La Vérité sur Marie by Jean Philippe Toussaint
. Thesis director: Stéphanie SCHWERTER / Catherine GRAVET


Thesis title : Study of translations: French-speaking Belgian novelists
. Thesis director: Stéphanie SCHWERTER / Catherine GRAVET

Thesis title : Study of translations: French-speaking Belgian novelists

Delphine JUAN
Thesis title : The Gorgon's gaze: feminine perspectives in Jean Ray
. Thesis director : Arnaud HUFTIER

Delphine JUAN
Thesis title : The Gorgon gaze : feminine perspectives in Jean Ray

Thesis title : Spatiality and crimes: from environmental fiction to identity claims
Thesis Director: Arnaud HUFTIER

Thesis title : The new flâneur - The perception of big cities in contemporary literature
Thesis director : Stéphanie SCHWERTER

Thesis title : The new flâneur - The perception of big cities in contemporary literature

Valentina TANZI
Thesis title : Rewriting as self-translation in the work of Stanislas-André Steeman
Thesis Director: Arnaud HUFTIER

Thesis title : Aesthetics of the ends of parts in the theater of the modern francophone works.
Thesis director : Arnaud HUFTIER

Thesis title : On the literature of the digital imagination: transmediality, transfiguration and transcendence
Thesis Director: Arnaud HUFTIER / Mourad ABED

Thesis title :   The work of the Beninese singer G.G. VIKEY: a cantological analysis
. Thesis director: Stéphane HIRSCHI / Mahougnon KAKPO

Thesis title :  Circus and puppetry scenes: a privileged space for experimentation and research
Thesis director: Amos FERGOMBE

Thesis title : The notion of disorientation in the interactive installations of the Brussels collective LAb[au]
Thesis director : Catherine CHOMARAT / Erik VERHAGEN

Thesis title : Making, seeing, thinking the "theater masks" with the art master ERHARD STIEFEL from the creation workshop to the research laboratory
Thesis director: Amos FERGOMBE


Thesis title :   Digital humanities in acceptance and empathy related to autism spectrum disorder
Thesis Director: Amos FERGOMBE

Thesis title : Interactive vocal devices and body experiences: performance arts, memory and synesthetic approaches
Thesis Director: Amos FERGOMBE

Thesis title : Presences of matter on contemporary scenes: between symbolic and matierist approaches
Thesis director: Amos FERGOMBE

Caroline SOREAU
Thesis title : Steampunk art in Hauts-de-France: reenchanting our industrial past
Thesis director : Arnaud HUFTIER

Thesis title : From the Manufacture of Man to the Manufactured Man: co evolution of clothing design and new technologies
Thesis director : Catherine CHOMARAT

Thesis title :   Writing and exploration of intimacy and extremity in contemporary scenic devices
Thesis Director: Amos FERGOMBE