The Language of Baudelaire

New book by Jérôme HENNEBERT & Vincent VIVES published by Presses Universitaires de Valenciennes

The Language of Baudelaire

La Langue de Baudelaire - Couverture

What would the " Deep Rhetoric ", to which Baudelaire refers in his draft preface to the Fleurs du Mal, be without certain language effects, both at the level of the word and of the sentence or discourse ?

The studies gathered here resolve questions of style that are important to any interpreter of Charles Baudelaire's work, whether it be the Fleurs du Mal, the Spleen de Paris, the Fusées, or Pauvre Belgique !

From the analysis of conjunctions to that of images, from the questioning of polysemy to that of enunciative ruptures, the work thus fills a gap in the bibliography of Baudelairian studies.