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  • Pecquenchanvre, an organic project sourced with the commune of Pécquencourt

Carried out by Éric Henry and Smaïl Khainnar, the Pecquenchanvre project is interested in the figure of the "occupant", taken here as a full-fledged "actor" in energy renovation approaches based on bio-sourced materials (hemp concrete), it aims to question, objectify and explain the perceptual changes, particularly those related to the comfort of the occupants of the renovated housing.  This, in a broad temporal perspective including the sequence "before-during-after" the works.

Objectivize the changes in the perception of comfort of the occupants of energy-retrofitted mining housing

Invoking a Human and Social Sciences approach, the Pecquenchanvre project, having as an applicative field the Pecquencourt district, aims to understand, in a retroactive logic, the inter-influencability of the energy renovation processes and those related to the perceptive changes of comfort (thermal, spatial and visual) among the occupants of the renovated dwellings. Indeed, we start from the postulate that, for a project owner (social landlord, etc.), an energetic renovation process of its real estate patrimony is not only limited to the technical intervention including the various works to be implemented.


To this " actional " dimension, is added, in an interactional game, another " human " dimension aiming at understanding the " user " path to better meet his needs and expectations. A journey operating in time and including what happens, socio-cognitively, to/in the user " before-during-after " the work. In this respect, we pay particular attention to the degree of commitment of the occupant in order to better identify his perception of comfort. It is in this sense that the concept of "engaging communication" is at the heart of our scientific approach set up with/for the occupants of the renovated homes. Our ultimate goal is to develop a decision support tool, focusing on the objectification of the comfort perceptions of " occupants ", at the service of the project owner for his future energy renovation process. 

A multidisciplinary project including a consortium of universities and professional partners

The Pecquenchanvre project is led by the social landlord Maisons & Cités. Various partners, academics and professionals, are involved  The LARSH laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France and INSA Hauts-de-France, the chair of the explorers of the transition of the Catholic University of Lille, Opun, the CD2E, the Cerema, La Callade (Economist of construction).