Our partners

LARSH partners with actors in its economic, social and cultural environment. These contribute by bringing their civil society issues, their financial support.

Porte du Hainaut agglomeration community

Hauts-de-France 2020-2040 Agency

The Hauts-De-France 2020-2040 agency is a department of the Hauts-de-France Regional Council, both a resource center and a thinking tool. It is organized around five major missions :

  • observation and foresight
  • regional planning
  • climate transition and waste planning
  • contracting and support for territorialization
  • geographic information and knowledge support

It works in consultation with many regional actors on thematic projects such as the future of regional industry, or the inner city project.

Observatory of Public Ethics

The Public Ethics Observatory is a think tank with the aim of contributing to the progress of transparency and ethics, both in the field of scientific knowledge and in the field of political practices.

The Phoenix

National stage in Valenciennes

Palace of Fine Arts of Lille

The Palais des beaux-Arts (PBA) is the fine arts museum of the City of Lille, with one of the first art collections in France, an appreciable position in the French museum landscape and a seniority that brings it a large and diverse public.

Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Lille

Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles is a cultural actor specialized in videomapping, intervening in the field of training, economic development and research on digital images.

Actors from the academic world

The LARSH is associated with several actors in the academic world, as a founding member or as a stakeholder. It establishes scientific collaborations with other laboratories or research structures.

Federative Institute of Research on Territorial Renewal

The LARSH has participated in the Institut Fédératif de Recherche sur le Renouveau des Territoires (IF2RT) since its creation. Alongside researchers from laboratories attached to the four universities involved (UPHF, UdL, UArtois and UGE), they are working on structuring a collective research dynamic on the transition dynamics of the former mining basin of the Nord and Pas-de-Calais. The first research developed with the support of IF2RT focuses on the links between sport and health, on new models and vectors of development in the fields of economy, housing, food or mobility and on citizen socio-economic experimentation.

SSE Chair

The ChairESS HDF aims to encourage and enhance work, practices, research and training in the social and solidarity economy when it seeks more sustainable territories. A pioneer in France, the ChairESS is the only one to be both inter-university and interdisciplinary. It is also the only chair to bring together SSE actors, local authorities and academics in a cooperative approach, from the project's conception.