City limit Filming Belfast Schwerter

City limit Filming Belfast Schwerter

City limits - Filming Belfast, Beirut and Berlin in troubled times, by Stephanie Schwerter, published January 13, 2022 by Bloomsbury of Stephanie Schwerter's latest book.

Three cities, one division

Belfast, Beirut and Berlin are infamous for their internal boundaries and borders. Symbols of political disunity, these three cities have inspired writers and directors from diverse cultural backgrounds. Despite their different histories, they share many of the characteristics essential to divided cities.

A comparative approach

In each city, particular territories take on specific symbolic and psychological meanings. Following a comparative approach, this book focuses on cinematic representations of Belfast, Beirut and Berlin. Filmmakers are constantly looking for new ways to engage with the urban divide. Using a variety of genres from thrillers to comedies, they explore the internal and external boundaries of the three cities, as well as the psychological boundaries that exist between citizens belonging to different communities. Characters in the films set in Belfast, Berlin and Beirut include dangerous gunmen, prisoners' wives, soldiers and snipers, as well as comical members of the Stasi, punk fans and fake nuns. The various characters contribute to the creation of a multifaceted picture of the city's boundaries in troubled times.