Tadeusz Kantor : Traces et poétique de la mémoire. Publication de l’ouvrage d’Amos Fergombé dans la collection Arts, Rites, Théâtralité, EME Éditions

Tadeusz Kantor Fergombé

Tadeusz Kantor: Traces and poetics of memory. Publication of Amos Fergombé's work in the collection Arts, Rites, Théâtralité, EME Éditions

Tadeusz Kantor: an art free from the "cord of conventions

This book by Amos Fergombé (Professor of Performing Arts at UPHF) is devoted to the Polish painter, scenographer, director Tadeusz Kantor whose writings and plastic and scenic works have opened the way to an original approach to artistic creation. Based on the postulate of an art rid of the  "cord of conventions", his approach exposes a reality defined as poor,  "coming from the lowest rank".

The stakes of symbolization of the death pass by a writing of the memory intended to put in crisis the representation of the human figure, while establishing artistic and poetic traces, still fertile for the contemporary artistic scene.