5th regional study day on labor law

Study Day "50 Years of the Law of July 17, 1971 Organizing Continuing Vocational Education and Training" - November 18, 2021.


Morning under the chairmanship of Stéphane MICHEL


  • Welcome remarks
  • Intervention by Ms. Dimitra PALLANTZA  "professional training in companies"
  • Crossed views of the social partners: Messrs Philippe PICCOLI (UIMM) and Jean François FOUCARD(CFE-CGC)
  • Exchange with the audience and Break
  • Roundtable around training organizations: Ms. Valérie LESCIEUX (ANDRH), Ms. Marie-Annick DUJARDIN (IUT), Messrs. Philippe PICCOLI (UIMM), Jean François FOUCARD (CFE-CGC)
  • Intervention of Mr. Jean-Philippe TRICOIT  "the status of the employee in vocational training" 

Afternoon under the chairmanship of Professor Julien ICARD

  • Intervention by Mr. Philippe PICCOLI  "the personal training account"
  • Intervention of Mr. Olivier LUTUN  "the professional transition project" 
  • Exchange with the room
  • Round table moderated by Stéphane MICHEL  "the professionalization contract and the apprenticeship contract"
  • General conclusion