Blandine Pérona

Blandine Pérona, a senior lecturer in French language and literature, is a laureate of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). She is developing work on d'Erasmus and his French reception, on rhetoric, hermeneutics, and freedom among Renaissance humanists, and on humanist declamation.

The humanist declamation

Associating rhetoric and cultural history, Blandine Perona aims to constitute a European corpus (French and neo-Latin) of declamations - a genre to be redefined, as current works do not account for the diversity of its uses: school exercises, lessons on the usefulness of knowledge, paradoxes. 

An educational, political and social program

It thus intends to show how humanists promoted a pedagogical, political, and social agenda at the same time and hopes, in this way, to be able to contribute to the history of science and "Belles Lettres." This project particularly questions what is useful knowledge or science, which makes sense at UPHF and shows the importance of dialogue between Humanities and Sciences.

Since his thesis in French literature defended at the Sorbonne in 2008, his research proposes a path from neo-Latin literature to French literature, and in particular from Erasmus to Montaigne. In 2013, with Tristan Vigliano, she thus co-organized an international colloquium in Valenciennes entitled Erasmus and France.

The University Institute of France

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