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Our Research Incentives

The LARSH is exploring two themes with high contemporary resonance by launching two internal transdisciplinary calls for projects. These two calls aim at combining and bringing together " problem " oriented research and " concept " oriented research. They are part of our strategy to build an original identity for our new team.

The "Ethics" Incentive Research Action (2022)

L’Action Recherche Incitative « Éthique » (2022)

Our societies, and the humans in our societies, seek to make sense of the social relationships they form, the challenges they face. They are torn between self-realization and collective identities and between freedoms and protection. They seek efficiency and equity at the same time, ask technologies to deliver on the promise of a better life but fear the problems posed by the manipulation of their personal data.


LARSH researchers are invited to propose projects that will explore the answers that ethics can provide to these contemporary dilemmas. The fields of application are varied : fundamental rights, management, governance, territories, powers, digital, health, mobility, arts and literature, sports... Projects may deal with theoretical, epistemological, normative aspects, or the scientific process itself.

Incentive Research Action "Resilience" (2022)

Action Recherche Incitative « Résilience » (2022)

Our societies are confronted with new risks  terrorism and radicalization seem to have shaken the sense of security of Western societies by the irruption of a threatening otherness, climatic damages threaten in an indiscriminate way populations accustomed to benefit from technological advances that suddenly seem powerless, a virus plays with borders to paralyze the economic and social activities of the planet.

Researchers are invited to propose projects that analyze the resilience of individuals, groups and organizations and more broadly of societies to these new risks. Projects may address a wide range of application areas : health, environment, cultures, territories, governance, ...