The Polytechnic University project is built on two pillars  the Sciences and Technologies Pole and the Societies and Humanities Pole. The LARSH's vocation is to lead research in the humanities and social sciences within and from the UPHF and to dialogue with the sciences of the Science and Technology Pole.

Ambition, vocation and expertise

The LARSH aims to enrich the knowledge of humanities and social sciences disciplines. Its vocation is to lead research on major societal and human issues. Its expertise is useful to the actors of society with whom it builds applied research projects.

A wide range of disciplines

The laboratory brings together and structures a broad spectrum of disciplines  law, economics, management, sociology, political science, history, geography, civilizations, information and communication sciences, sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports, linguistics, literature, arts.

It seeks to deepen knowledge in these disciplines and to cross them in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work to answer the major questions that work our societies.

Training in research

As a host structure for thesis students in the humanities and social sciences disciplines, it trains young people who want to make it their profession and those who want to add this asset to their future career path in research and through research. The laboratory works in close collaboration with the École Doctorale Polytechnique Hauts-de-France in the exercise of these missions.