Domaines de recherche

Research areas

Discover the specialties of LARSH researchers, their application areas and how we want to develop transdisciplinarity.

Disciplines and fields of application

The scope of the researchers' disciplines includes the social sciences from the CRISS department, Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences, the information and communication sciences and architecture from the Visual and Urban Design (DeVisu) department, and the arts, humanities, languages and linguistics from the DeScripto  department:

  • Law
    • Transportation
    • Workplace Relations
    • Civil contracts, business contracts
    • Procedures
    • Fundamental rights and freedoms
    • Public Business Ethics
    • Family
    • Environment
    • Heritage
    • Corporate legal structures
  • Economy
    • Sustainable Mobility
    • Sustainable growth, natural resources
    • Tourism
    • Consumer behaviors and attitudes
    • Eco-innovation
  • Management, management
    • Corporate finance, risk
    • Corporate governance and strategy
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Territorial Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Information systems
  • History
    • Cultural Transfers
    • Political ideas, extremism
    • Urban history
    • History of Technology
    • Geography
      • Sustainable Agricultural Systems
      • Land tenure, mobilities, urban spaces
      • Housing
    • Sociology
      • Social and Solidarity Economy
      • Labor
      • Urban Policy
      • Political Ideas
    • Regional and foreign civilizations
      • British
      • Hispanic
      • Hispanic American
      • North American
      • Germanic
    • Information and Communication Sciences
      • Informational design of new media within the cultural and creative industries
    • Urban communication
    • Usage analysis, decision making and meaning making
    • Sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities
    • Architecture
    • Literature, literature
    • Linguistics, languages
    • Arts

Transdisciplinary research

The LARSH explores two themes with high contemporary resonance by launching two internal transdisciplinary  calls for projects: one on ethics and the other on resilience. These two calls aim to combine and bring into dialogue research oriented " problems " and research oriented " concepts ".

They are part of our strategy to build an original identity for our new team. Find out about these two calls for projects in our Research pages