DeVisu brings together LARSH researchers and doctoral students in information and communication sciences, architecture, psychology, science and technology of physical activities and sports, as well as in mechanics, computer science and signal processing.

Structure and scientific themes

The DeVisu department now includes 27 teacher-researchers, University professors and lecturers, 28 PhD students and 3 BIATSS. Its scientific themes of choice are declined according to 4 research axes:

  • Informational design of new media within the cultural and creative industries
  • Urban communication
  • Sport, cognition and digital instrumentation
  • Experience analysis, decision making and meaning making

Knowledge and equipment for LARSH

In addition to its internally developed programs, DeVisu's vocation is to participate in the creation and development of research axes within the LARSH transversal pole by bringing a set of proven experimental methods, scientific tools for the evaluation and personalization of the experience and the mastery of processes and techniques : BIM, CAD-CAM, immersive modeling and devices, photogrammetry, videomapping, digital mediations, serious game, 3D images, graphic and interaction design...

Moreover DeVisu has an important technical equipment within the Arenberg Creative Mine platform: motion capture, motion Control, post-production rooms, video control room, sound studio, film sets (2 x 500 sqm), TV set (100 sqm), experimental projection rooms, eye-tracking systems, emotion sensors, binaural head, 3D scan, photogrammetric equipment, etc.

This equipment allows the deployment of research in the fields of cultural and creative industries, audiovisual and new media, gaming industries, architecture and urban planning, and sports, health and high performance sports.