The LARSH was created in 2021 by the merger of three humanities and social sciences laboratories. It is structured into a transversal Pole and three departments.


In 2021, the UPHF merged the Centre de Recherche en Sciences de la Société (CRISS), the DeVisu laboratory and the DeScripto laboratory into a single research unit : the Laboratoire de Recherche Sociétés & Humanités (LARSH). All researchers and doctoral students in the social sciences, humanities and social sciences develop their work within this new unit and seek to cross their research questions, methods and expertise. LARSH is structured into a transversal Pole and three departments.

The Transversal Pole

The Transversal Pole is a place where disciplines intersect. It is itself composed of a scientific commission that structures and animates multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work and a doctoral commission that organizes and animates the laboratory's doctoral studies.

The Departments

The departments correspond to the perimeters of the former laboratories and perpetuate the dynamics and research projects that had made their reputation. Places of intellectual and scientific bubbling, they support disciplinary research and they feed the Transversal Pole with new initiatives and transversal projects :