Practical information and poster submission

Registration is mandatory for those who wish to present a poster during the Mardi des Chercheurs event.

The main language of the event is French, but it is also possible to present posters in English.

The deadline for registration is Thursday 25th May, 2023.

During the registration procedure, you will be asked to choose the category of your poster from the list below. Some examples of disciplines related to the categories are given below.

  • Mathematics and its interactions
  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry of materials - Materials engineering
  • Biology, Medicine and Health
    • Life and health sciences - Clinical research, technological innovation, public health
  • Engineering Sciences
    • Process engineering - Acoustics - Biomechanics and bioengineering - Energy, heat, combustion - Mechanics of fluid media - Civil engineering - Mechanical engineering, production engineering, transportation - Mechanics of solids, materials, structures and surfaces - Mechanics, energy, process engineering, civil engineering
  • Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies
    • Automation, production engineering - Signal and image processing - Computer science and applications - Electronics, microelectronics, nanoelectronics and microwaves - Electronics, photonics - Micro-nano systems and sensors - Optical systems and photonics - Computer science, automation
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • French language and literature - Ancient languages and literatures - English and Anglo-Saxon languages and literatures - Germanic and Scandinavian languages and literatures - Romance languages and literatures: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, other languages - Slavic languages and literatures - Letters and languages - Comparative literatures - Language sciences: linguistics and general phonetics - Arts : Plastic arts, performance, music, aesthetics, science and history of art - Epistemology, history of science and technology - Ethics and deontology - Philosophy - Spatial planning, urbanism - Physical, human, economic and regional geography - History and civilizations: History and civilizations: history of modern worlds, history of the contemporary world, art - History and civilizations: history and archaeology of ancient and medieval worlds, art - Psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology - Education sciences - Information and communication sciences - Sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities
  • Social Sciences
    • Management science - Economic science - Economic and management sciences - Private law and criminal sciences - Public law - History of law and institutions - Political science - Legal and political sciences - Anthropology, ethnology - Sociology, demography
  • EUNICE partner (other than UPHF & UMONS)

Participants from EUNICE universities are invited to select the EUNICE category.

When registering, only the author submitting the poster will be registered. Co-authors, if they wish to participate to the event, must register without posters (as visitors).

The author submits their poster by sending it by email to mardideschercheurs [at] in order to have the registration confirmed by the organising committee.

The printing of posters submitted before this date by doctoral students registered at Ecole Doctorale Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF) will be taken care of by the ED. PhD students from UMons are invited to contact their institution. For PhD students from other EUNICE partners, UPHF will take care of printing the posters.

The posters will be presented between 9:00 and 16:00 during the event and will be grouped by category.

Sessions will be organised, and authors are requested to be present near their poster during their session. Participants from EUNICE universities will be able to present their posters in video conference sessions.

In case of difficulties in printing a poster, please contact the organising team before the deadline via the following address: mardideschercheurs [at]

You can download the rules of the poster competition

Poster characteristics

  • Format: preferably A0
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Please export the file to PDF format
  • Maximum size: 10Mb

Graphic charter

Each poster submitted will automatically be entered into the best poster competition and will be assigned to a specific category.


Registration deadline (including poster submission) : no later than Thursday 25th May, 2023

To validate their participation in the competition, each participant must send their poster by email before midnight on 19/05/2023 to the address mardideschercheurs [at]


The poster guide will be available a few days before the event.