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Propose a methodology for designing cooperative systems

  • to support the Human operator in the Factory of the Future:
    • to maintain situation awareness
    • to make decision
    • to manage uncertainties
  • to limit shortcomings such as considering the Human operator as a« Magic Human »
  • and so:
    • to offset the increase in systems complexity
    • and to increase production systems performance

Bringing together Engineering and Human Sciences



Strategic Level: Manufacturing Plan: Resource Allocation, Controlled Energy Consumption, Custom Products, Tactical Level Information: Performance Indicators, Tactical Level: ODS Control Assistance, Human Oversight, Problem Determination, Tactical Decisions: Allocation of tasks, corrective actions, Operational Level Information: ODS Decision, Wrong Orders, Incident Detection, Operational Level: ODS, Humans, Safety Filter, Cobot, Smart Products, Robot Patrol, Cooperative Communication and Control Hypothesis

Evaluation of several approaches

  • Validation of the « cognitive work analysis » approach in order to design production systems of the future integrating Human
  • Validation of the supervisory approach promoting « situation awareness » and a « common work space »
  • Designing tools to enable incident detection management (« safety filter », « model-checking »)
  • Designing levels of automation adaptable to self-organized systems interacting with Human (AGV, robot, Cobot…)