IESM 2015 - International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management - Seville (Spain)- October 21, 22, 23 2015 - The Road Ahead: Understanding Challenges and Grasping Opportunities in Industrial and Systems Engineering - Co-organized by School of Engineering ETSI | University of Seville | University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis


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The Road Ahead: Understanding Challenges and Grasping Opportunities in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Undoubtedly, Industrial and Systems engineers live challenging times: From the shift of paradigms in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, to the rapid advances in information technologies and communications, or from the need of real-time decisions to the ever decreasing life cycle of products and services -- just to mention a few--, nowadays’ industrial environment poses a number of challenges that can be hardly addressed with the tools and methodologies employed in the past. At the same time, exciting opportunities emerge from these advances, which may pave the way for a brilliant future in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

In the IESM'15 conference, the main objective is to share the knowledge, research and experience of the most relevant researchers and professionals from all industrial engineering disciplines.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to participate in the conference and submit their original and unpublished work.  


1. Original contributions are sought in the following topics :

  • Artificial Intelligence and its applications in industrial engineering
  • Customer service systems design and management
  • Cleaner and sustainable production systems and services
  • Project management
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • Decision analysis and decision support systems
  • E-Services and Technologies for distributed manufacturing
  • Facilities design, planning, and layout
  • Heuristics and meta-heuristics for advanced manufacturing
  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Human-computer interaction and cognitive engineering
  • Information systems and management
  • Health care systems
  • Service sciences management and engineering
  • Industrial engineering and systems management
  • Innovation management and entrepreneurship
  • Intelligent control, holonic and product-driven systems
  • Logistics, transportation, and distribution systems
  • Maintenance and reliability
  • Manufacturing executive systems and standards
  • Monitoring of manufacturing systems
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Product life cycle management
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain design and performance evaluation 
  • Warehouse and inventory management 

2. Special sessions focusing on different research interests chaired by both scientists and industrials.

  • Please consult the up-to-date list of accepted sessions on page “Call for papers

3. Student competition

Here is the procedure for the student competition of IESM2015 Conference:

  1. Selection of 16 papers from the reviewing process;
  2. Selection of the best paper award after the presentation at Seville;
  3. Announcement of the winner during the gala dinner.

All selected papers after the reviewing process must be presented by the student at Seville.