Transversal pole

As a place to think about and lead innovative projects, the Pole's mission is to launch research initiatives involving researchers from the laboratory's various disciplines.


The Research Incentive Actions ...

The Cluster regularly launches internal transdisciplinary calls for projects. In 2021 it has launched two internal calls for projects " Action Recherche Incitative ". LARSH will explore two major contemporary issues: ethics and resilience. Both " Problems " and " Concepts " oriented, these two calls cover a wide range of application areas. Learn more about these two calls.

... to build interdisciplinary axes of excellence

One of the Pole's missions is to build the identity research axes of the new laboratory. It takes any initiative to mobilize researchers around research questions and major multifaceted societal issues.

The Cluster supports the UPHF's structuring projects in the humanities and social sciences

The Observatory of Extremism and Emerging Signs, the Chair of Spatial Intelligence and the Chair of Tourism and Heritage Valorization are three projects led by UPHF in the humanities and social sciences. The LARSH Transversal Pole supports these projects and any structuring project of the UPHF in our disciplines.

The Pole co-produces the training policy for doctoral students with the Polytechnique Hauts-de-France doctoral school

LARSH hosts about 100 doctoral students. In consultation with the Doctoral School, the Transversal Pole offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary training to LARSH students to deepen their disciplinary knowledge and broaden their horizons through interdisciplinarity.


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