Student and Campus Life Contribution - CVEC

The Student and Campus Life Contribution allows for the creation, consolidation and strengthening of actions dedicated to student and campus life within the university.

What is the purpose of the CVEC?

Paying the CVEC is a mandatory step before registering since the start of the 2018-2019 academic year for all students in initial training at a higher education institution. With an annual amount of 92 euros, it is collected by the CROUS. One may be subject to it or exempted from it depending on the case.

Each year, UPHF funds various projects to improve the daily lives of students at the institution.

The CVEC is used for:

  • Access healthcare more easily;
  • Foster social and digital support;
  • Develop sports on campus;
  • Enable culture;
  • Improving the daily life of students...

Examples of how the CVEC is used:

Student ticketing - Appel A Projets - Campus development - Health and support exams -  Aid to student associations - Computer loans - Social aid....

The CVEC Commission

Created in December 2018 at UPHF, the role of this CVEC committee is: 

  • to set the guidelines for university life
  • of arbitrating the distribution of dedicated funds on the various expenditure items
  • to reflect on budgets in relation to projects
  • to communicate as widely as possible to promote actions
  • monitor the progress of projects and evaluate actions
  • to implement a call for projects intended for students and university staff, as well as other actors of the institution (services, components, etc.), for new projects aimed at improving student and campus life on the territory of the institution, according to the thematic axes established by the commission. 

These axes correspond both to national priorities and to UPHF's stated policy priorities for student and campus life: 

  • Health / prevention / disability
  • Social Support
  • Sports
  • Art / culture
  • Student welcome and integration
  • Association life
  • Citizenship/Equality
  • Environment / Sustainable Development
  • Campus Development

Since 2019, UPHF is launching a call for projects open to all stakeholders in the university's student and campus life

The main objective is to contribute to the improvement of student and campus life, coming in addition to the university device to support student initiatives, the FSDIE. 

Finalities of the Call for Projects:

  • Experiment with innovative responses to student needs ;
  • Respond with greater ambition to the multiplicity of student and campus life needs as much as the diversity of students and their ideas ;
  • Foster the development of a "local site dynamic" on each campus through the strengthening of student-staff interactions by supporting projects ;
  • Sure guarantees of feasibility and solidity of projects through a shared set-up of actions ;
  • Support student associations for campus life through financial aid for expenses not covered by the FSDIE (outside of eligibility criteria...