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This page is intended for journalists and communication professionals wishing to learn about or report on the news of the Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France or one of its components.

The University Communications Department @email is your go-to person for any journalistic endeavor.

Requests for news coverage must be approved in advance. Your request will be studied as soon as possible. We are also at your disposal to help you identify an expert within the institution to shed light on your subject.

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  1. cp_manu_dibango_docteur_honoris_causa_a_titre_posthume_2024_04_12.pdf (pdf 128.85 KB)
  2. cp_convention_de_partenariat_cpam_uphf_crous_2023_09_15.pdf (pdf 110.5 KB)
  3. cp_le_premier_bachelor_universitaire_de_technologie_delivre_a_valenciennes_d dans_le_cadre_dune_vae_2023-07-03.pdf (pdf 73.46 KB)
  4. cp_medal_rain_for_women's_teams_2023_06_09.pdf (pdf 209 KB)
  5. cp exhibition under the bike les paves_ images of paris-roubaix_2023_04_03.pdf (pdf 91.94 KB)
  6. cp_semaine_olympique_et_paralympique_2023_04_03.pdf (pdf 110.42 KB)
  7. cp_eunice_weeks_-_du_20_octobre_au_24_novembre_2022.pdf (pdf 96.51 KB)
  8. cp_parity_scientific_research_2022_11_15.pdf (pdf 109.11 KB)
  9. cp_comics_power_and_politics_2022_10_03.pdf (pdf 118.88 KB)
  10. cp_national_assizes_of_local_public_ethics_2022_11_14.pdf (pdf 100.63 KB)
  11. toyota_uphf_and_insa_celebrate_1_year_of_partnership.pdf (pdf 282.83 KB)
  12. cp_launch_of_the_new_course_offer_for_the_university_alliance_2022_09_12.pdf (pdf 117.98 KB)
  13. cp_press_release_new_virtuals_courses_2022_sept_12.pdf (pdf 187.36 KB)
  14. cp_2022_06_16_lapplication_parkinsoncom_est_operationnelle_juin_2022.pdf (pdf 123 KB)
  15. cp_lancement_de_la_chaire_tec_logd_2022_06_07.pdf (pdf 93.86 KB)
  16. cp_university_alliance_eunice_sees_further_on_30_31_may_and_1_june_a_luphf_may_2022.pdf (pdf 101.59 KB)
  17. cp_official_launch_of_the_tourism_and_heritage_enhancement_chaire_of_the_port_of_hainaut_march_2022.pdf (pdf 117.58 KB)
  18. cp_toyota_uphf_19_mai_2022.pdf (pdf 128.72 KB)
  19. cp_luphf_linsa_hdf_and_lucl_partners_in_a_common_doctoral_school_03-01-2022.pdf (pdf 100.19 KB)
  20. cp_lancement_de_loese_16-12-2021.pdf (pdf 106 KB)
  21. CP The 1st space intelligence festival will be held in Valenciennes in November 2021.pdf (pdf 130.98 KB)
  22. CP University receives two JACO robotic arms Nov 2021.pdf (pdf 78.62 KB)
  23. CP Women in Scientific Research Oct 2021.pdf (pdf 71 KB)
  24. CP Toyota UPHF INSAHdF sign a partnership to prepare the future sept 2021.pdf (pdf 42.36 KB)
  25. CP Driving robot complements university research facilities Apr 2021.pdf (pdf 215.91 KB)
  26. CP First cycle of conferences of the Space Intelligence Chair March 2021.pdf (pdf 74.87 KB)
  27. CP Open House 100_ online Saturday February 6, 2021.pdf (pdf 113.95 KB)
  28. CP A software tool for communication support is coming soon Sept 2020.pdf (pdf 93.82 KB)
  29. cp_decree_of_creation_polytechnic_university_hdf_insa_hdf_approval_statutes_10.09.2019.pdf (pdf 39.39 KB)
  30. cp_universite_polytechnique_hauts_de_france_groupe_insa_07.06.2019.pdf (pdf 73.15 KB)
  31. cp_lancement_of_the_polytechnic_university_hauts-de-france_29_septembre_2018.pdf (pdf 152.75 KB)