Valenciennes - Campus des Tertiales / Ronzier

The Tertiales and Ronzier campus is located in the city of Valenciennes within walking distance of downtown.


The Tertiales and Ronzier campus offers students the opportunity to study mainly in the fields of management, business, law, economics, arts, history and geography. It is organized around 2 training components the IUT and the ISH, a research laboratory, a university library as well as a university restaurant.

The site, ideally located in the city, allows students to easily find housing nearby.


Etudiants en amphi

The Tertiales and Ronzier campus offers students the opportunity to pursue studies from Bac +2 to Bac +8 in many courses and in particular to prepare :

  • at the IUT : the BUT GEA (business and administration management), the BUT TC (marketing techniques), the professional license GPRH, The professional license CAI, the professional license Insurance-banking-finance, the professional license PMOE, the professional license Commerce and distribution ;
  • at the ISH :  the law license, the economics license, the AES license, the public administration license, the history-geography license, the arts license, the Master of Public Administration, the Master of Business Law, the Master of Real Estate Law, the Master of Territory Management and Local Development, the Master of Geography, the Master of History, the Master of Arts and the Master of Digital Creation.

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Student Life

UPHF and the Tertiales campus are committed to the ongoing improvement of the site for the success and well-being of students by developing living spaces conducive to quality studies, as well as to the personal development of the student. To eat, students have access to a newly renovated university restaurant and two cafeterias. Several student corpos at IUT and ISH enliven the life of the site through various events and projects.

Located in Valenciennes, the site allows students to take advantage of the city's infrastructure, particularly in terms of transportation, as well as its leisure and cultural offerings.

The Tertials campus in pictures

Façade du musée, par beau temps, avec passants.