Etudiante entrepreneuse accompagnée par le Hubhouse

The Hubhouse

UPHF students benefit from an awareness and business creation/takeover scheme run by the Hubhouse.

  • awareness to the spirit of initiatives via specific activities such as conferences or the 48H Chrono Challenge for Entrepreneurship.This flagship event of student entrepreneurship in the Hauts-de-France region allows students to test themselves and discover the mechanisms of business : in teams for 2 days, they discover a theme on which they must develop a project and defend it in front of a jury of professionals ;
  • coaching for business creation or takeover. During his course the student entrepreneur builds his project through individualized coaching, accesses a network of professionals and entrepreneurs. They evolve at their own pace and benefit from the National Student Entrepreneur Status if they wish.

Bilan d'activité du Hubhouse 2012 > 2022

  1. Bilan d'activité Hubhouse sept 2023 (pdf 12.18 MB)