Support for student associations

Many student organizations are active on campus.

The UPHF helps students create associations

The Office of Student Life (BVE) supports student associative life and advises students.

Annual Census

To be accompanied by the Office of Student Life (BVE), to apply for university grants, to request equipment loans, to reserve rooms, to organize actions on campus, students must contact the BVE and fill out the census documents.

Contact : @email

Consult the practical sheets for administrative formalities (statutes, declaration to the sub-prefecture, SIRET...), the functioning of the association, financing, templates of documents and your online steps.

Consult the procedure for SIRET registration: Procedure to obtain a SIRET number

Financial aid

Training in associative life

Free trainings are offered regularly to members of the listed associations.

Consult the materials of some trainings: 

The university is part of the PIVA  network: a network of information points on associative life, carried by different sectors (communities, associations, institutions...).  

Contact :  @email