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The EUNICE European University enters a second phase and strengthens its ambitions

From September 17 to 19, the presidents, rectors, vice-presidents and vice-rectors for research and academic affairs, as well as working groups from the ten partner universities, met at the EUNICE General Assembly at the University of Catania.

The EUNICE General Assembly was held at the University of Catania from September 17 to 19.

On the eve of its third anniversary and the launch of its second phase as a project of the European Erasmus+ program, the EUNICE European University held its general assembly at the University of Catania (Italy). Rectors and senior representatives from the ten universities in the consortium met to discuss achievements and future challenges, with a particular focus on the development of future joint European degrees. The occasion also provided an opportunity to follow up on the European H2020 project to promote joint research within the alliance, REUNICE (EUNICE Research).

At UPHF, we're proud to say that EUNICE is our strategic axis, both in terms of training and research. EUNICE offers our students the opportunity to personalize their training, thanks to a wide range of shared courses, internships throughout Europe, entrepreneurial challenges and cultural activities. But EUNICE is also a catalyst for research, with all the activities developed as part of the REUNICE project: joint events, open-access reports, international theses, etc.

Abdelhakim Artiba, Président de l’Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

After the inauguration, the heads of the EUNICE working groups presented the results achieved during the three-year pilot project :

  • Creation and dissemination of online modules thanks to the EUNICE course catalog ; definition of 21 potential joint programs within the framework of Programs of Excellence ;

  • Development of multicultural activities during EUNICE Weeks, intensive hybrid programs (BIP) and language courses;

  • Implementation of actions around the EUNICE international internship portal and workshops and competitions on the theme of entrepreneurship.

Parallel to the general assembly, the program also included sessions between the vice-rectors for academic affairs to progress the development of joint degrees, a session between the vice-rectors and vice-presidents for research, as well as meetings with the student advisory board and meetings of the mobility and communication teams.

A second phase to 2027

November will see the start of the second phase of EUNICE, the European University for Personalized Education, which has been awarded European funding of 14 million euros to continue fulfilling its mission. Founded in 2020, the EUNICE alliance currently comprises ten universities with campuses in ten European countries, responsible for training 150,000 students. Its potential boils down to 60 university faculties and schools, 15,000 professors and administrative staff, and knowledge encompassed in over 280,000 scientific publications.

Images of the Annual General Meeting