Clara, étudiante à l'IAE ayant participé à un cours EUNICE

EUNICE modules: "An opportunity to open up to the world

Many modules for students of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France and partner universities are available on the EUNICE alliance website.

Customize your training with EUNICE modules

The EUNICE alliance of European universities has consolidated its training offer for the second semester by proposing more than 30 modules open to students from partner universities, including the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France.

These modules offer students the opportunity to personalize their university curriculum, while giving it an unprecedented European dimension.

EUNICE courses are provided by partner universities free of charge, in English (some are offered in French) and can be taken online, onsite or in a blended format, depending on the modalities indicated on the study guides available on the EUNICE website page dedicated to courses.

Feedback from Clara, student at IAE

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year, Clara Consille, a management student at IAE, chose to take the module " Language Courses : Tandem Language Exchange ", offered by Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany), as part of the EUNICE language course offer.

I decided to take the " Language Courses : Tandem Language Exchange " course to improve my English level and communicate with other students from European universities.

What I like about this course is to be able to exchange with other students who have the same wishes as me, and to improve together in a quite friendly way, in English.

I find that EUNICE courses are really well organized, it is very easy to access them, and they allow us to open up to the world and to what is offered in other universities.

I highly recommend that UPHF students take EUNICE  courses: they open us up to a lot of things and they allow us to cover topics that can be of interest to everyone, thanks to the plurality of modules that are offered on the platform. "

About thirty multidisciplinary courses

Course offerings for the second semester 2022-2023 cover many areas :

  • Information Technology and Smart Cities
  • History and Social Sciences
  • Soft Skills and global competencies
  • Public Health
  • Sustainable Development
  • Engineering : energy, transportation/mobility, environment

The full list of modules is available on the EUNICE website.

To know : participation in these courses can lead to ECTS credit recognition (students wishing to apply are invited to consult the study guides on the EUNICE site and to refer to their local coordinator for more information on this subject).


The European University for Customised Education (EUNICE) is nurtured by the intellectual and infrastructural contributions of the seven partner universities: the Poznań University of Technology (Poland), the Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany), the University of Cantabria (Spain), the University of Mons (Belgium), the University of Catania (Italy), the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (France), and the University of Vaasa (Finland). In 2023, the EUNICE alliance will be expanded with the official arrival of three new partners: the Viseu Polytechnic Institute (Portugal), the University of Peloponnese (Greece) and the Karlstad University (Sweden).

The Alliance, selected in the 2020 call of the Erasmus+ program for the specific action Initiative "European Universities", aims at a paradigm shift from traditional education to personalized, flexible, open, multicultural, multicentric, innovative and engaging education, capable of meeting the needs of each student, individual, and more globally of the society.

Les modules EUNICE : pour personnaliser sa formation. Témoignage de Clara

EUNICE courses: to customise your education. Clara's experience feedback.

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