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EUNICE Volleyball Tournament: "A great opportunity

A pictorial look back at the intercollegiate volleyball tournament that took place Oct. 23-27, as part of EUNICE Weeks 2022.

Second edition of the Alliance Games

This second edition of the Alliance Games consisted of an online chess tournament and an on-site volleyball tournament in Poznań. These sporting events were part of EUNICE Weeks, a series of cultural and sporting activities designed to raise students' awareness of their European identity by promoting the richness and diversity of European culture. 

First place in the chess tournament was won by player Mikołaj Nowak, representing Poznań University of Technology (Poland), followed by Victor Moreno Royano and the previous year's winner, Benjamin Maltier, from the University of Cantabria (Spain) and the University of Mons (Belgium), respectively.

Graduation with the President

On Wednesday, November 9, UPHF President Abdelhakim Artiba, accompanied by Arnaud Huftier (Vice President delegated to culture, initiatives and citizenship) and Mourad Abed (Vice President delegated to digital, educational innovation and project strategy), was keen to congratulate all the players and organizers at a EUNICE participation certificate award ceremony.

"A great opportunity" for students

"What stood out to me the most was learning about other cultures, meeting the other players there. We were able to get to know a lot of people, including the President of the University and the different organizers.

It was a very nice experience, which strengthened the sense of unity between the universities [...]. I hope to see more activities like this in the future. Next year, we're aiming for first place!"

- Natali Todorova, member of the UPHF volleyball team during the EUNICE tournament - Student in Master 1 PEPS at UPHF

"Our team was created specifically for EUNICE, after an in-house tournament at UPHF. We didn't know each other at all, so it was an opportunity to meet. Once we arrived at the University of Poznan, we were welcomed with a speech, then we got to meet the other students, the spirit was really to bring people together

There were 3 days of games, interspersed with tours, including labs that were showing off their infrastructure. We also got to tour the city, learning things. There was a super atmosphere between the teams, very "friendly" despite the competition. There was a very good organization and a very good supervision. It was a great opportunity!"

- Alexis Flin, captain of the UPHF volleyball team during the EUNICE tournament - Student in Master 2 Mechatronics at UPHF

Médaille de bronze pour l'équipe de volley-ball UPHF

L’équipe de volley-ball de l’Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, spécialement constituée pour cette occasion, a remporté la troisième place à l’issue du tournoi. Les première et deuxième marches du podium reviennent aux équipes respectives de l’Université de Catane (Italie) et de l’Université de Poznań (Pologne).