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  • International Day

International Day

Thursday, October 27, UPHF will celebrate for the first time the International Day* organized by the Platform for Languages and Certifications and the UPHF Training and Student Life Pole.

(*) International Day

A beautiful day of celebration and sharing!

This day brings together three highlights of UPHF student life:

  • 12H > 13H30: World cuisine
  • 13H30 > 17H: Language Day
  • 7PM > 11:30PM: Welcome everybody evening.

An opportunity to raise awareness among young and old about the importance of language learning and to promote the cultural wealth of Europe and the world.

To speak the language of the other is to reach out to them, to reach out to them, to put oneself within their reach, to remove barriers and fears in order to be able to open the windows to other horizons and cultures.

This day is the way to create linguistic diversity that often leads to better cross-cultural understanding.

As an appetizer, we will start our linguistic journey with a tasting of European and international dishes in the street of the Matisse building on the Mont Houy campus, where Erasmus and international students will be waiting for you to exchange on the topics you wish to discuss... in a foreign language, of course !!

Then, we will offer as a main course workshops to discover a foreign international language ...) and game workshops. All this, will allow you to test your various knowledge in a living language, and this, until satiety.  Sehr Gut !!

To finish, some sweets will be offered to you, you will be able to attend a play created by the company La Belle Histoire which recounts in a humorous way the hazards of the arrival in France of an international student, then a snack will be offered and to close the evening, we will leave the place to DJ Louis who will make us vibrate to the sound of world music...             ¡Olé !        ¡ Fantástico !

Learning a living language is within everyone's reach : a dose of enthusiasm, a pinch of motivation, sprinkle it all with work in a good mood and you have in your hands the ingredients of an inratable recipe...

May this day be a special day for you as the starting point for learning a new language.

Valérie Richardot | Directrice de la Plateforme des Langues et Certifications


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