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PRO'fil, the professional network

PRO'fil is our platform to support students in their search for internships and jobs.

A lot of advice is delivered there for students, but also, companies have the opportunity to post offers...

Whether you are a student, graduate, staff or partner, you can rely on the network of the Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France, Pro'fil.

You can on this platform,

  • Optimize the distribution of your job offers, internships, work-study programs in a targeted way to students and graduates,
  • Access the student and graduate candidate library,
  • To know the fields of expertise of the Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France in the fields of training or research,
  • Enable your employees to acquire new professional skills,
  • Find the right contact for your specific request,
  • Communicate about your events in your capacity as a partner of the university.
  • See professional opportunities,
  • Know the sectors and environments that are recruiting and the appropriate training,
  • Discover tips and advice to optimize your application,
  • Find or find an alumnus of your training (Component, Institutes),
  • Be informed of the events of the university's partners,
  • Confront your training or professional project.
  • Interact with your students, graduates or other staff,
  • Disseminate job offers from your component (student vacancies,...) or consult available offers,
  • Be informed of news and events, and inform all members of your network of your own professional events ( graduation, job forum, conferences with the presence of companies, open houses, seminars etc...),
  • Optimize the partnership relations of your component with your contacts from the business world, associations etc.
  • Find a former student of your component if it is registered in  the network.

Join PRO'fil, the professional network of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France!

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