Apprendre le français à l’UPHF

Learning French at the UPHF

At UPHF, international students can take French courses in conjunction with their studies. There are several options available.

Before their arrival at UPHF: intensive sessions

Students can take intensive French courses at the International Academy Lille  in July and/or August.

Intensive training sessions combining linguistic, methodological, (inter)cultural preparation adapted to the student's field of study, and pedagogical integration support are available at this International Academy (from 60h to 240h of courses, level A1 to level B2). 

During your studies: French classes every week

Throughout the year international students can take courses in French as a foreign language (FLE). These courses allow students to continue learning French as a foreign language at different levels, thus facilitating their university studies and integration in France.

These French language and civilization courses are open to non-French speaking foreign students and researchers at the university. Depending on the UPHF's training, these courses can lead to credits.

  • Course start dates scheduled in September (odd semester) and January (even semester).
  • Courses taught on Thursday afternoons (2 hours)
  • Multiple groups from level A2 to level B2
  • Courses on the Mont-Houy Campus, Matisse building

During your studies: practice in French

- At the Languages and Certifications Platform

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to improve your French at the Languages and Certifications Platform and at these Language Resource Centers (LRCs).

The following are available to students:

  • Access to computer-based self-study modules 
  • Conversation workshops with a UPHF student native speaker
  • One-on-one coaching, 

Registration to the LRCs is free upon presentation of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France student card and allows participation

Contact : @email

- At the University Library (BU) 

At the BU on the Mont Houy and/or Tertiales campuses, all students have the possibility to borrow books and multimedia documents allowing the learning of the French language: bilingual novels, DVDs in French (whose subtitles can be in the original language, or vice versa), printed press...

Validate your level of French with a certification diploma

It is possible to validate one's level of French with a certifying diploma:

  • Voltaire Certification :  It allows you to certify and attest to a level of mastery of the difficulties of the French language of candidates in writing, with reliability and objectivity.
    Possibility of preparing for this certification through the Voltaire module (9 sessions of 2 hours per semester: 18 hours). Registration for the exam costs 50 €.

Contact: @email

  • The BRIGHT  test: It assesses French as a foreign language skills.
    Learn more about the BRIGHT test
  • The DEFL (Diplôme d'Etudes de Langue Française), the DAFL (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française): One session per semester organized by the PRES Université Lille Nord de France (subject to change in June 2018). 
    Learn more about the DAFL and DEFL 

Preparing for a University Diploma in French as a Foreign Language (DUFLE)

The DUFLE allows, in one year, to perfect one's French and communicate with ease in this language.

It is a one-year intensive language training of 450 hours entirely devoted to learning French in a French-speaking environment. 

This training is intended for non-French speaking students who have already acquired the B1 level and want to pursue university studies at UPHF. In particular, it is possible to follow only specific modules of the DUFLE.

To learn more, consult the DUFLE presentation sheet

Contact : @email