Fédération Universitaire et Pluridisciplinaire de Lille (FUPL)

University and Multidisciplinary Federation of Lille (FUPL)

The UPHF and the FUPL wished to unite through an association agreement named : " Alliance Universitaire Polytechnique des Hauts-de-France " in which their competences and their terms of organization and exercise are defined. The agreement allows them to strengthen their scope of competence, their influence and their attractiveness at the regional, national, cross-border and European levels.

Shared competences and joint actions implemented by the parties

The following areas of collaboration: 

  • Research strategy 
  • PhD training 
  • Student training, orientation and professional insertion 
  • Relations with and territories and businesses 
  • European University 
  • International and cross-border relations
  • Student Life

Major objectives of the Alliance

  • The carrying of large national and international projects of training, innovation and research: European universities, ...; 
  • The carrying of development projects, shared in its training, innovation and research aspects, on common or complementary disciplinary fields; 
  • An increased legibility of the training offer, focused on the success and professional integration of students; 
  • The recognition of a quality of research and innovation at the best international standard; 
  • The strengthening of the visibility, dynamics and attractiveness of the parties and their member institutions; 
  • The affirmation of the key role of Higher Education and Research actors in a regional policy of innovation and its socio-economic and cultural development; 
  • A quality university development, which is economically sustainable; 
  • An openness to regional, national, cross-border, European alliances and partnerships; 
  • The search for and the carrying of financing.