Amandine Allard, Vice-Présidente Étudiant


Vice-Présidente Etudiants

Elected for a 2-year term, Amandine Allard joined the institution's governance as student vice president on December 2, 2021.

What is your background in the institution?

I am a student in a history-geography degree in the institute of societies and humanities of the University. In the associative since I am at the University, I was vice-president of events and social of the association FLLASH then president of this same association. I was then 1st vice-president of the FEV, in charge of the electoral strategy, advocacy and follow-up of elected officials. I was also elected to the Institute of Societies and Humanities.


How do you feel about your role as student vice president?

There will be a continuity of projects with my predecessor Antoine Dufour, we share many ideas as associates. In fact, he accompanied me at the beginning of my mandate and he is always available if I have any questions.

Concretely, we have the chance to be an experimental university, we can " shape " it to the expectations of students and through this mandate I have the opportunity to make things change for students. I know that I can act to direct actions towards what students expect from their institution. I am in contact with the elected officials and the associations who bring me back needs, ideas and I see what I can do.

Do you already have actions underway?

Yes and in a wide variety of areas. Ideas have been brought to my attention and are already being considered such as the distribution of condom cups and washable sanitary napkins. Each time the distribution will be accompanied by education and prevention messages.

I have contacted Philippe Pudlo, vice president for an inclusive and supportive university to set up a partnership for the recycling of aluminum cans. The association involved recovers these cans to make wheelchairs for people in precarious situations. It's ecological, it's consistent with the university's sustainable development approach and it's a great action.

I am also involved in the European University Eunice. It's a real opportunity for students and I hope it can grow considerably so that every student can take full advantage of it. I undertook to perfect my English before participating in Eunice meetings myself but I am following this issue very closely.

Also, I am committed to addressing the topic of gender-based and sexual violence, talking about it and letting people who need to speak up do so. There was already an event at the beginning of the year with the student life office. We are now trying to organize new actions to give voice to students. Actions will also be carried out on the theme of harassment. The idea is to deal with everything that can disrupt students in their studies and try to make their lives better in the end.

My role is also to help students feel comfortable in their university !