Inscription 4e année de thèse TEMPS PLEIN ED PHF

Elements to be provided for registration in 4th year and more - Thesis completed on a full-time basis

The amount of hours you work on your thesis corresponds to full-time, implying a defense in the last months (before December 31) of your 3rd year of thesis. However, for various reasons, you were unable to do so. You will therefore have to apply for a waiver, allowing you to defend in the coming year. A 4th registration will therefore be necessary.

In all cases, pedagogical re-enrollment is done exclusively via your ADUM profile.

  • A file (see items below) will be required to be filed on your ADUM space. This folder will be helpful in organizing your ISC.
    Note: all items must be assembled in a single pdf file.
  • An ISC will need to be organized in order to complete this registration.
    Please note:at the conclusion of the ISC, you will need to file your ISC minutes on your ADUM space.

Elements to be provided in the file

  1. A letter justifying your request as to obtaining an additional year.
  2. A letter from your Thesis Director supporting your request.
  3. Your thesis plan.
  4. Planning for completion.
  5. Funding justification.
  6. Training credit balance.
  7. Paper and communication balance sheet.