Etudiante doctorat européen

European Doctorate Label (Doctor Europaeus)

European Doctorate Label (Doctor Europaeus)

Recognizing the European dimension of a doctorate

The European PhD or European PhD is a label issued by the University, which applies to the national doctoral degree, already recognized internationally under the L.M.D. system, and which allows the recognition of the European dimension of the doctoral project.

This device adds recognition of a European dimension to the doctorate. It does not appear on the degree and is the subject of a separate document: an attestation. The attestation is issued by the University and signed by its President.

The attestation is issued by the University.

Conditions for awarding the European Doctorate label

The European Doctorate is a label that can be awarded upon request in addition to the doctoral degree when the thesis was prepared, in part, during a stay in a European Union country.

It concerns doctoral students enrolled in doctoral studies in higher education institutions in member countries of the European Community, extended to other states of the European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein).

All European Community institutions authorized to award a doctorate may issue the "European label" at the time of the thesis defense provided several conditions are met.

To obtain this label, the following four conditions must be met :

  1. The doctorate must have been prepared, in part, during a stay of at least three months in another European state.
  2. Authorization to defend is granted on the basis of reports written by at least two professors or equivalent belonging to two higher education institutions in two European states other than the one in which the doctorate is defended.
  3. At least one member of the jury must belong to a higher education institution in a European state other than the one in which the doctorate is defended.
  4. Part of the defense must be conducted in a European national language other than the national language(s) of the country where the PhD is defended.

The choice of rapporteurs and the composition of the defense jury must be in accordance with the rules of the ED and with the decree of May 25, 2016 setting the national framework of training and the modalities leading to the award of the national doctoral degree.

Practical details of the award

The application for the European label can be made at the end of the doctorate, if the doctoral student meets the 4 conditions and is able to provide a certificate of his stay of at least 3 months in another European state than France.

The doctoral student must submit 2 months before the defense, to the Doctoral School with the request for authorization of the composition of the jury by the Thesis Director:

The minutes of the defense indicate that the jury grants the label European Doctorate and the defense report mentions in which other language of a European state other than French, a part of the defense was carried out.