Doctoral courses

The objectives of doctoral training are to broaden the disciplinary horizon of the doctoral student and to facilitate his or her future professional insertion.

Complete your skills by taking doctoral courses

Doctoral training courses make it possible to offer young researcher-doctoral students, through a diversified offer, a multidisciplinary culture within the framework of a coherent professional project (cf. articles 3 and 15 of the order of May 25, 2016). These trainings, which are therefore useful for the conduct of the research project of the doctoral researchers but also for the development of their professional project, are provided through a set of modules and a shared regional device. 

The training courses complementary to the research work are modular and divided into three types:

  • Training Domain 1 (DF1): Disciplinary modules (1)
  • Training Domain 2 (DF2): Cross-curricular modules (2)
  • Training Domain 3 (DF3): Professionalization or professional insertion modules (3)

Each doctoral student must accumulate a number of Doctoral Training Credits (DTC) issued by the ED, following his/her participation in doctoral training courses taken in the three areas indicated:

  • 60 CFD including at least 20 in professionalization for a classic thesis
  • .
  • 30 CFDs obtained in France for a thesis in cotutelle (4) 
  • 40 CFDs distributed over training areas 1 and 2 for CIFRE theses or for salaried PhD students.

Each doctoral student must have completed ethics training among the transversal modules.

Please note, all training must be done in agreement with the thesis director.

(1) : The DF1 corresponds to training courses that are part of the courses given in the thematic schools of the disciplines (e.g. summer or spring schools), those of the Master's and engineering courses or are modules specifically dedicated to doctoral students.

(2) : The DF2 corresponds to all the modules and training courses allowing the researcher-doctoral student to broaden his or her spectrum of skills in one or more areas not directly related to his or her research field. It includes, for example, language courses (English, French, ...), training offered by the SCD, training in LaTeX, the "research methodology" course, the "scientific writing design" module, those aimed at linguistic improvement of writing, the creation of websites, etc.  In this area at least one training course must be dedicated to ethics.

(3): DF3 corresponds to all the professionalization modules offered by the Doctoral College.

Procedure 2021-2022

During the academic year 2021-2022, trainings will be progressively implemented and you will be informed via the ED website of this evolution (on this page).
To register for trainings offered by the doctoral college you must register for trainings via ADUM 

You can find the Catalog of trainings organized by the Doctoral College 2021-2022 here.

Vous pouvez valider des formations "hors catalogue", suivies dans d'autres établissements avec l'accord de votre directeur. Après la fin de la formation, vous déposez une demande de validation de formation hors catalogue sur ADUM en complétant les informations demandées et en déposant un justificatif de votre participation.

Attention, l'attestation de participation et le programme précisant notamment le titre de la formation et le nombre d'heures suivies sont à déposer en format pdf dans votre compte ADUM à la rubrique "Formations hors catalogue", puis "Ajouter une formation hors catalogue".

NB : toute attestation doit être datée et signée par votre Directeur de thèse.

Participation in Disciplinary Modules

You have the possibility to follow, in agreement with your Thesis Director, training courses that are part of courses given in Masters, engineers or modules specifically dedicated to doctoral students in your laboratories (1 CFD for 2h of course).

In this case you must fill out the form: "Disciplinary training: Certificate of attendance" and return it to the ED for validation.

Participation in online training, MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

For the year 2021-2022, the ED PHF authorizes doctoral students to be able to validate 20 CFDs (at most over the entire thesis) by participating in MOOCs (1 CFD for 2h of courses). These participations must be done in agreement with your thesis director. A certificate will be required to provide to the ED so that this training can be validated. 

On this attestation it will be necessary to:

  • specify whether the training attended falls under training area 1, 2 or 3. 
  • put in the first and last name of your thesis director and have him/her sign it.

Disciplinary training: Certificate of attendance

  1. Disciplinary training: Certificate of attendance (pdf 173.46 KB)

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