Doctoral theses - History

Nathalie FRAQUET : "Painting in Tournai from the iconoclastic crisis of 1566 to the end of the French regime in 1709" (04/02/2022 - UPHF - Campus des Tertiales - Amphi B)

Stéphanie HUART: "Beyond the Walls. Valenciennes and its flat country at the end of the Middle Ages: territorial dynamics and socio-spatial relations" (28/01/2022 at 2pm - UPHF - Les tertiales)

Marie DELCOURTE: "Forest spaces and societies in Avesnois (XIVe-early XVIIIe century). Study of the landscape" (20/01/2016 at 2pm - UVHC - Campus Mont Houy - Faculty of Letters Languages Arts and Humanities - Amphi 150 or Boardroom)

Sylvia BROUZINA-EVRARD: "Augustinian Sisters, Power and the Hospital, in France, from the Concordat to Vatican II" (10/12/10 at 2:30 pm - UVHC - FLLASH)

Guillaume WROBLEWSKI: "The divergent destinies of the lain territories: the example of Amiens and Reims (1786-1860)" (25/06/10 at 2:15 pm - UVHC - Amphi150)

Nicolas PLAGNE: "The origins of the Russian state in collective memory and their stake in national consciousness (XVIII th century - XX th century)" (26/01/09 at 10am - E.H.E.S.S. of Paris - Room 524)