Doctoral theses - Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities

Maxime TANT : "Inclusion in Physical and Sports Education of students with disabilities. Evidence of an inclusive system in three distinct stages among French PE teachers" (20/01/2014 at 2pm - UVHC - Mont Houy Campus - Amphi IEMN/DOAE) - consult thesis online

Julie DELZENNE : "Street crossing in the senior pedestrian: Design of a simulator, biomechanical and behavioral study."(12/12/2013 at 2:00 PM - UVHC - Mont Houy Campus - ENSIAME - Amphi E2) - consult the thesis online

Mélany HARS: "Contribution to the study of balance control on the beam during the realization of acrobatic reversal movements by expert gymnasts" (06/28/07 at 2pm - UVHC - ENSIAME - Amphi E2)

Stéphane ARMAND: "Quantified Gait Analysis: knowledge extraction from data to aid clinical interpretation of digitigrade gait" (06/29/05 at 2pm - UVHC - ENSIAME - Bat. Claudin LEJEUNE Amphi E2)

Yannick DELPIERRE: "Studies of locomotor adaptations during a dorsal carry in the adolescent" (13/12/04 at 8:15 am- UVHC - Amphi E8)

Christophe GILLET: "Biomechanical analysis of walking and proposal of classes of walkers - application to backpack carrying" (02/12/04 at 8:15 am- ENSIAME - Amphi E1)